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Tricks and Mercenaries

Announcing a New Army Expansion for Kharnage

18 April 2017 | Kharnage


You’ve battled for an insignificant, worthless piece of ground for ages—a place with all the tactical significance of a banana—but you’re no closer to giving up than your opponents! After all, if you give up now, there’d be no opportunity to cause more carnage, and that would be simply unacceptable. Besides, it looks like some reinforcements are joining the enemy… and is that a diplomat they’re sending forward?

It’s time to employ some unorthodox tactics and hire new units to fight by your side: the Tricks and Mercenaries army expansion for Kharnage is coming soon! Within this army expansion, you’ll find a host of the titular Tricks and Mercenaries, all offering clever new ways to gain the upper hand for whoever gets to them first. And alongside the tricks and mercenaries, you’ll find new units to add to your Core Set armies, including Dwarves, Humans, Goblins, and Orcs.

That’s Not Fair!

In your prior battles for this tiny hill, your battles have been decided by the units that you could place on the battlefield, smashing your battle lines into your opponent’s formation to cause maximum damage. That’s still a viable strategy as you receive new units for each of the Core Set factions in the Tricks and Mercenaries expansion—including Princess Furiosa, Savage Hordes, and Celestial Paladins—but the meat of this new expansion lies in the Kradwallon deck.

At the beginning of the game, the Kradwallon deck is placed near the battlefield. The cards within belong to no single player; they can be seized and used by anyone who has the opportunity. And in fact, they could have the power to turn the tide of a losing battle in your favor.

New trick cards take the form of events that you can play from your hand, interrupting the normal flow of battle. Impact!, for instance, allows you to ignore your opponent’s Shield skills, bulling past his normal lines of defenses during a melee attack. Too Short! could be played to reduce your opponent’s attack strength during a ranged attack, and Strategist lets you increase or reduce your initiative, ensuring that you take your turn exactly when it’s most advantageous.

The other set of cards that you’ll find within the Kradwallon deck are mercenaries that may arrive to directly increase the power of your battle lines. Whether you draft some Lost Adventurers, Multiethnic Assassins, or Cowtaures, these unpredictable units feature a vast array of new skills that could be just what you need to deliver a blood-spurting, bone-crushing, killing blow to your foes.

New Recruits

Time to bring up the battle lines and charge into battle once again—and this time, you’ve brought back-up. Look for the Tricks and Mercenaries army expansion for Kharnage at your local retailer in the third quarter of 2017.