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Send Your Guardsmen into Action

The Conan Dice Pack and Kushite Witch Hunters Are Now Available

3 February 2017 | Conan


"Then there was a clatter of hoofs. A company of guardsmen swept into the square, driving the rioters before them. The Kushites, screaming in sudden panic, fled into the side streets, leaving a score of bodies littering the square."
     –Robert E. Howard, The Snout in the Dark

Will you flee in panic, or will you stand and fight? The battles of the Conan board game are about to grow larger and more heated than ever. The Kushite Witch Hunters and Dice Pack expansions are now available!

With their extra miniatures, tiles, abilities, and dice, these expansions add more swords and more sorcery to your games of Conan. You'll explore new tactics, bloody your foes with new abilities, and enjoy all the action and drama that Conan has to offer.

Swords and Sorcery

Hailing from the distant land of Kush, the Kushite Witch Hunters are a set of four unique units that offer the Overlord a wide array of new tricks and talents with which he can punish the heroes.

Since each of these four units—Shubba, Shafiah, Ghayoor, and Afari—are unique, their life points may be described differently from each other, and they may vary from scenario to scenario. But no matter what life point totals these units are assigned, you'll find them uniquely capable of slowing down the heroes.

In Conan, it's not just the heroes' ability to cut down their foes that matters—but also their ability to do so within a prescribed time limitation. Each scenario hooks you in with a narrative element; there's some nefarious scheme at play that forces the heroes' hands—a ritual sacrifice, the awakening of dark demons, or the impending arrival of an overwhelming number of minions. The heroes have to move quickly if they want to win, and that means prioritizing their attacks.

The Kushite Witch Hunters, however, can hinder the heroes' efforts by redirecting their attacks. Both Shafiah and Ghayoor have the Sacrifice ability, which allows them to choose to be attacked in place of any other friendly unit the heroes would prefer to attack.

You don't need to keep your Kushite units together in the same area, but if you do you can force the heroes to cut through both Shafiah and Ghayoor before they can lay a finger on sorcerous Shubba.

This means the heroes have to cut past the guardsmen's three armor, rather than Shubba's one, and it almost certainly grants Shubba more time to ravage the heroes with spells like Bori's Rage,   Set's Bite,  and Energy Drain.  Afari, too, may benefit, using his companions' distractions to cut at the heroes with his powerful sword and Precision Strikes.

As time runs out, Conan rushes in for a desperate attack on the sorcerous Shubba.

…But just before Conan can strike the sorcerer, Shafiah leaps in front of the blow, sacrificing himself to ensure Conan's demise!

Your Second Wind

Bruised and bloodied and backed into a wall, your heroes may find themselves pushed to the limits by these Kushite Witch Hunters, but in the world of Robert E. Howard's adrenaline-laced fantasy, it's at such times as these that heroes often find their second winds.

You, too, can gather your strength and roll everything into a glorious last stand! The Dice Pack comes with nine custom dice—three each of the game's red, orange, and yellow dice. And since Conan is a game in which you gain extraordinary control over how much energy you want to invest into any single action, these dice enhance your ability to live your hero's final stand…

Give into your desperation. Release yourself from your defensive posture. Raise your blade. And spring at your foes with a snarl!

There's no guarantee Conan can escape the giant snake in time to bring an end to its sorcerous master, but the extra dice from the Dice Pack make it easy for Conan to attack the beast with a desperate strike that spends all his remaining strength!

Spend all your energy. Gather a handful of dice. Cup them in your hands. And bank everything on that final effort to slay the dark demon or giant snake or Kushite sorcerer—whichever foe stands before you. By Crom! If you're going to fall, let it be a death worthy of legend. And if you live? Then let the singers praise your battle prowess!

Great Powers Await You

“There is a room in the temple into which none ever goes but the queen, driving a human sacrifice before her. And this victim is never seen again. All know that in that grim chamber lurks some monster from the black night of ages, which devours the shrieking humans…”
     –Robert E. Howard, A Witch Shall Be Born

Infuse your games with darker magic and shield your magicians against the heroes' assaults. Or find the strength to stand against the Overlord. Heighten the action and drama of your Conan adventures with the Kushite Witch Hunters and Dice Pack. Pick up your copies today!