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Braintopia is Available Now!

23 February 2017 | Braintopia


Put your thinking cap on and prepare to have your brain bent. Braintopia, the fast-paced game testing your mental focus, flexibility, and speed is available now at your local retailer!

Match wits with up to five of your friends as you race your way through a deck of cards that contains eight different challenges designed to test your mental fortitude. You’ll draw on all your brainpower as you deal with the ever-changing mini-games, trying to solve puzzles faster than your opponents. Each brain token you collect by beating a single Tactile challenge or claiming a pair of cards from the Memory, Maze, Color, Coordination, Duplicates, Frequency, and Reasoning challenges gets you one step closer to the four needed to claim victory.

Every card in Braintopia presents a unique puzzle that test various skills. A card might ask you to identify the animal that appears on it twice, for example. Or you may need to count up the most common illustration on the card. In any case, the cards come quickly, so you need to be ready for anything.

Goofy, Speedy Fun

Braintopia may test your intellect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. At its heart, Braintopia is a very social game that creates plenty of opportunities for laughs. The Coordination challenges, for example, task you with touching the correct parts of your face with the fingers indicated on the card. One wrong move and you’ll have to wait for the next challenge.

Similarly, the Tactile challenge cards require you to identify an object simply based on what it feels like. Can you tell the difference between a basketball and a strawberry simply by feeling them? What about a peach and a smooth piece of wood? Correctly identify what you feel and you’ll gain a brain token!

Rack Your Brain

This game of quick and zany challenges is available now. Think you can solve these puzzles faster than your friends? Head to your local retailer to find out. Braintopia is available now!