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Announcing a New Game of Bluffing and Treachery

15 February 2017 | Oh Captain!


There was barely time to get your bearings before your Captain began barking orders. You vaguely remember being tossed off your ship in the middle of a storm and mysteriously rescued by a giant sea creature that brought you here, to its den on an exotic island. Now, you and the rest of the crew are combing through the dark, looking for hidden treasure to bring back to the Captain.

This treasure is very valuable to the Nomads who roam this land, and the Captain plans to sell the loot found for a considerable profit. Your crew mates know this too, and the mutinous look in their eyes tells you they haven’t been completely honest with their offerings to your fearless leader. It’s only a matter of time before everyone starts turning on each other—who can you trust? 

Oh Captain! Is a game of bluffing and deception for three to six players from Ludonaute. You and your friends take on the role of survivors of a shipwreck, saved by a mysterious creature known as the Nukha. Your second chance at life hasn’t quelled your lust for gold though, as the Captain’s order to recover the finest treasures from the Nukha’s den sparks a mutinous idea in the crew’s head: The Captain knows treasure will be found, but not exactly what was found.

The goal of Oh Captain! is to gather as much treasure as you can to sell to a group of Nomads who currently inhabit the island you're stranded on. One player is designated as the Captain at the start of the game while the rest become explorers. Players then select an adventurer to represent them in the game, each with their own unique ability and a stockpile of gold coins. The Captain tries to collect as much valuable treasure from the adventurers as possible, while the explorers try and hide the best items for themselves. 

Treacherous Exploration

Explorers take turns diving into the depths of the Nukha’s lair by drawing a card from the Cave deck. Adventures will find valuable items like a secret pistol, an exotic lizard, or an illuminating lamp; treasure sure to impress the Nomads. However, orders are orders, and these items must first be offered to the Captain for purchase. Explorers don’t reveal the card they drew, instead they simply say what they found, or say what they want the Captain to think they found. The Captain may desperately want the pistol you came across, but won’t pay a single gold coin if you tell them it’s a lantern. Not everything is a great find of course, as you may end up disturbing a Nukha egg, which not only lowers your standing with the Nomads who worship the creature, but is something you must lie about. 


Should the Captain choose to buy your treasure, they reveal the card to find out if the explorer was telling the truth. If they were, the Captain gets to use the special ability of the item; a lizard will steal a gold coin from another adventurer, while a pistol causes another player to discard a loot card. 

Should the item be ignored, the explorer gets to use the ability of the card they claimed the treasure was (not what the actual treasure is). These powers always target another player, and negatively so. The player targeted then has decide whether to call the explorer’s bluff. If they challenge the claim, the attacker then reveals the card; if they lied, the attack is avoided and the target steals one coin from the attacker, but if the attacker was telling the truth, the special attack happens and the target must pay the attacker a coin, in addition to the item's effects. 

After the resolution of a challenge, the next players turn begins, and the wealthiest get to evaluate where their loyalties lie. If a player has more gold than the Captain at the start of their turn, they have the option to either pledge loyalty to their commander by giving them a coin, or declare mutiny, which sees them become the new Captain.

The Slyest Survivor

Near the end of the Cave Deck sits the Nomad’s Arrival card, heralding the end of the game. When the card is drawn, players tally up their wealth, gold and loot together. The player with the highest total earns the respect of the Nomads and is crowned the winner.

Who is brave enough to dive into the Nukha’s den and emerge with the best treasure? Who is sly enough to keep that treasure away from the Captain? Who is intuitive enough to catch their friends in a lie? Find out with Oh Captain! when it washes its way into your local retailer in Q2 of this year!