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Troyes and Ladies of Troyes Are Available Now!

10 February 2017 | Troyes


In the Champagne region of France, the grand Troyes Cathedral stands as a remarkable monument to the struggles and triumphs of the city’s inhabitants. With construction beginning in the early 1200s, this architectural and artistic marvel is a testament to the great leaders and stalwart citizens of the city of Troyes. The city and its people survived disasters both natural and man-made, and the work of the Troyes Cathedral took nearly four centuries to complete. At its peak, the city of Troyes was at once a center of artistic expression, a hub of trade, and a beacon religious leadership. 

Relive an especially exciting era of this city’s history in the highly acclaimed game of Troyes, designed by Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges, and Alain Orban. Troyes, and its expansion Ladies of Troyes, are back in print and available now! Take on the role of a prominent leader in this bustling medieval city and guide your family to prosperity in a time of upheaval and opportunity. 

Placing People, Buying the Competition

The game of Troyes places each player as the head of a prominent family in the medieval city of Troyes, where your family’s ties allow you to explore many avenues of influence and prosperity. Place citizens in your employ in the three main seats of power within the city: the Palace, the Bishopric, and City Hall. Players receive dice for each citizen hired to represent them in these locations, and these dice allow your house to vie for prominence in the city and assist in the construction of Troyes Cathedral. Each player will need to choose their strategy wisely in order to gain an advantage over the competition and by earning victory points to win the game and secure a lasting legacy.

Competition for influential positions in these institutions is fierce, and there is always a chance that your house may find itself without a stable foothold in any one of these locations. Thankfully, even if you’re underrepresented in a given sector of the city, a few well placed coins can turn the tide of things in your favor. Dice can be bought from or by your competition, and leveraging your family’s fortune at the right moment can disrupt even the best laid plans. 

The path to prestige takes many forms, and your house can avail itself of several avenues filled with opportunity. Activities let you hire tradesmen to represent your house in a wide array of professions and pursuits, ranging from Templars and Princesses to Clog Makers and Innkeepers. Events give you the opportunity to protect and support your people by defending them from ruthless brigands, solving a theological conflict, or assisting in the city’s recovery from a harsh winter. Your family can also contribute resources to the construction of the Cathedral, showing your commitment to Troyes’ continued status as a powerful representative of the church.

While any of these strategies may bring greatness to your home and household, each player also has a secret card that represents the central figure of their household. Each of these central figures awards victory points at the end of the game for a different set of criteria, so a player would be wise to tailor their approach to take advantage of this hidden plan.

More Leaders and Fresh Challenges Await

Many great figures rose to prominence over the course of Troyes’ storied history, and the Ladies Of Troyes expansion celebrates three particularly interesting female leaders from the city’s past: Jeanne de Champagne, Isabeau de Baviere, and Marie de Champagne. Each of these three powerful leaders is available as a central figure for your household, and they offer new ways to craft your endgame strategy. 

The Ladies of Troyes expansion also includes a versatile purple die that cannot be bought by your competitors, a new set of activities that can be activated by patrolling the city walls, and new Activity and Event cards to be used with the base game. Check out our previous articles for Troyes and its expansion, Ladies of Troyes, for a more in-depth look at this exciting game of intrigue.

Troyes and its expansion, Ladies of Troyes, are both available now!