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The Party Game of Speed and Smarts

4 January 2017 | Braintopia


The release of our brand-new party game is fast approaching, and we couldn't be more excited to get solving! Braintopia is a heart-pounding game of brain-benders and hyper-awareness, in which you and your opponents race to solve each puzzle the fastest. The eight different card types in the game feature various challenges that will test your puzzle-solving skills. When you are the first to solve one of these brain-bending puzzle cards, you take it into your hand, and when you collect a pair of like cards, you take a brain quadrant. If you collect all four quadrants, you win the game! While it's one thing to know the mechanics of the game, it's an entirely different experience to play, so today, we're here to tell you exactly what the gameplay of Braintopia is really like.

It’s Tricky

First and foremost, Braintopia is full of small trials and challenges. Every card features some puzzle or activity that requires your careful attention and quick thinking. The puzzles are fairly simple in theory, but in practice and under pressure, you might find yourself tongue-tied at just the wrong moment. Because the cards come and go so rapidly, you will often feel a bit confused.  When your last challenge asked you to identify the recurring image of a bear among a throng of other creatures, but the next card requires you to remember its five depicted images, you may find yourself misremembering a simple pair of spectacles as one of the animals you so carefully studied just moments ago.

Some of the puzzles themselves can be quite confounding, as well, even without tension of the competition. One that can trip up even the most focused, well-trained player is the color cards. Each one depicts a number of color words, each in a different hue. For example, the word may say green, but the letters of the word are pink. A single word on the card will be printed in the color that the word represents, but your brain may get ahead of itself, recognizing a word on the card and the presence of its color elsewhere. 

It’s Friendly

One key piece of The Brain Party Game is the social element. Braintopia, while brainy, is also light, quick, and full of giggles. The speed of the game keeps Braintopia fairly short, meaning you can play in just about any pocket of time. Whether you have fifteen minutes to spare until dinner's ready, or you're heading out shortly but have a bit of time to kill, Braintopia is a great go-to. The limited playtime also means that it's easy to wrap up one game quickly and incorporate another player into the next game. 

Not only is the game quick, but its lighthearted challenges make failure silly and fun. One of the most entertaining puzzles is the tactile challenge, which functions a bit differently than the other cards. When you see a fingerprint on a card, whoever most recently won a challenge gets to take on another. The round's inactive players get to secretly decide which of the tactile cards they'll give their opponent to identify without looking. Though you'll get a chance to feel all the cards at the beginning of the game, some feel awfully similar, adding a distinct challenge. Your success in identifying a tactile card will not go unrewarded, however, earning you a piece of the brain for just one tactile success. 

While the gameplay of Braintopia is primarily going to be a non-combative experience, there is a bit of a strategy to prioritizing puzzles and perhaps even sabotaging your opponents. Because each player can only keep four cards in front of them, you will have a limited number of pairs you can make. That said, if you have a full hand and the next card doesn't match any of your existing ones, you might decide not to solve the puzzle. However, if it matches a card in front of an opposing player, you could solve the puzzle, replace one of your cards with the new card, and keep your opponent from successfully collecting a pair. Sneaky you!

It’s Handy

Lots of great games are social or challenging, but only few pinpoint both in the same gameplay experience. Braintopia does not only this, but also goes one step further in its portability and ease of play. The small box is easy to take with you, and gameplay takes little more than a small surface, be it a table, the floor, or another makeshift space you've found in the vicinity. As long you have a spot to place the game deck, Braintopia can call just about anywhere home, allowing you to get playing quickly and easily. Thanks to the quick and simple game rules, you can teach the game to just about anybody in a snap. Just put out the deck, run a few sample cards, and you're on your way!

Just because the game components are limited to a single deck of cards doesn't mean the game doesn't expand beyond itself. The coordination challenge is one great example of this. Before you flip the coordination cards, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the illustration on the back, which assigns a color to each of your hands and a number to each finger. The flipped card will show one color and up to three numbers on an illustrated face. You must place the associated fingers in the indicated locations on your own face and slam your other hand down on the card in order to beat the challenge. It's incredible how easy it is to mix up the colors and numbers in the heat of the moment, and you'll have a good laugh seeing what each of your opponents ended up doing. 

Everything You Need

This fast-paced game of perception, reaction, and sensation is hitting store shelves in the US soon, so keep your eyes peeled for your new favorite party game, Braintopia!