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30 September 2016 | Asmodee Games


It's officially fall, and do you know what that means? Games! We may be biased, but games are the answer to everything. Especially chilly days and early sunsets. You might think, being based out of Minnesota, that we would already be shivering in the dark, but surprisingly, it's still pretty warm. That hasn't stopped us from releasing, announcing, and planning even more new games to keep you busy, though. Take a look back with this article, exploring our first fall-ish month. Stick around to the end and, who knows, you might even get a peek at the next one. 

New Releases

In our latest release, Loony Quest, players try to earn as much experience as they can by completing missions and quests. On their own transparent screen, each player has 30 seconds to draw a path navigating each level’s obstacles and their opponent’s traps. When the time is up, each player’s screen is placed on top of the game board, and the drawings are evaluated to see how close each Champion has gotten to Fedoor’s throne!

Exciting Announcements

This month, we also announced Aye, Dark Overlord!, in which you and three to six friends gather around the table to pass the buck and explain the most recent failure to your unforgiving Dark Overlord. A creative game that challenges players to come up with creative excuses in the hope that the Dark Overlord will spare you and aim his withering look at another peon, Aye, Dark Overlord! is one of a kind. Build and demolish alliances with your fellow Servants as needed to save your own skin in this fun fantasy party game.


Everyday at Asmodee

It's not all fun and games here at Asmodee; sometimes we have fun writing about games! Wait... 

We love digging into holidays and special interest topics when we can, examining the games you should consider pulling off the shelf for various events in your life. This month, we took advantage of our Labor Day weekend by writing all about games in which you work. Or at least place workers. But when your work is as fun as exploring the globe or producing a theatrical masterpiece, you really don't mind. In fact, you may even find yourself playing these games on other days off, too! 

We also took a dip in the pool of gateway games—great choices when you're playing with a novice gamer or just looking for a simpler gaming experience. Whether you want to do some strategic thinking in Splendor or create an enchanting party atmosphere with Dixit, the gateway games have got you covered. Those broadly accessible titles were in good company with those included in another of our September lifestyle topics: generation-spanning games. In this article, we presented a collection of titles that are fun for all ages. You can add a whole new element of fun to your family game nights and big reunions when you clear the dishes only to replace them with a great game that everyone can enjoy.

The last article you should definitely check out is this one, all about how games can teach children valuable skills, using Takenoko as our prime example. We're always looking for educational value in games, because what's better than just fun and games? Fun and games and learning! In all seriousness, though, there's something magical about sitting down to the table for a fun night in and walking away with new ideas! 

Around the Web

This summer, Game Grumps shared this detailed and entertaining video in which they played Colt Express. Though we're a little late to the party, we couldn't help but share it with you now! What a fun way to enhance the atmosphere of a game night, don't you think?

Check out these gorgeous photos of Takenoko, Hit Z Road, and Splendor by Twitter user @UpliftAndrew. We knew our game pieces were cool, but wow! Color us impressed. 

Finally, did you know some of our studios have their own social media? They post amazing photos of both existing and upcoming games so you can get your cardboard fix before they even hit stores! Look at the art from Libellud's upcoming Dixit expansion, Revelations!

What's Next

For as many new things come out every year, you have to imagine we have a lot of endurance. Thank goodness we have the strength of fearless barbarians and the cunning of brilliant detectives at our backs, and by that I mean in our game boxes. You know, those aren't bad Halloween costume ideas... And speaking of Halloween, do you have plans? Because we do! StoryLine: Scary Tales is coming out just in time for All Hallows' Eve, and we can't wait to spin our own spooky stories. When you tell yours, don't forget to tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter!