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Five Perfect Asmodee Games for Summer Get-Togethers

17 August 2016 | Asmodee Games


Blue skies, warm sun, and plenty of time outside—summer is in full swing, so it’s about time for us to take a look at the games you might want to be playing this summer! Whether you’re BBQing with some friends, at a family reunion, or just spending time with your family, summer is the perfect time to get some of the games from the Asmodee catalog back onto your picnic tables.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at five Asmodee games that would be right at home during any summer gathering!


There are few places more warm and tropical than the island of the Caribbean, and there are few games more exciting than the pirate races of Jamaica! In this fast-paced racing game for two to six players, you and each of your friends take on the roles of pirates sailing around the island as fast as possible. You’ll need to gather supplies, set your course, and prepare to board your opponent’s ships if you want to win the game. After all, it’s not who crosses the finish line first—it’s who gets the richest on their journey.

Captain Sonar

A smash hit of Gen Con Indy 2016, Captain Sonar is one of the best games for you to play outside with your friends and family. Don’t let the fresh air and birdsong distract you from the claustrophobic environment of your submarine! In each game, players are split into teams, and each team commands a submarine. The players must test their skills to the utmost in order to move the submarine, load torpedoes, locate the enemy, and keep their own ship floating. With plenty of shouting and a minimal number of components, Captain Sonar is the perfect fit for playing outside.


How do you convey Albert Einstein, using only a mixture of ambiguous pictures and a few playing pieces? How about Men in Black or the theory of evolution? That’s the goal of the game in Concept, a board game of getting your friends to guess difficult things. Using only a large board covered in pictures and an assortment of pieces, you must get the other players to guess the concept that you’ve chosen on your card. Players can grasp the game in just a few minutes, making it perfect for family gatherings, but the unique ways that each person approaches the question will have your family returning to the game again and again.


What better game for a summer party than Crossing, a game that takes place on the summer solstice? In the kingdom of Spamootail, you and up to five other players are competing to grab the most magic gems before time runs out. You’ll need to get greedy and snag the jewels, but you can’t leave your own riches unprotected! A small number of game pieces and easy-to-learn rules makes Crossing an exceptional game for any group to play outside this summer, with kids or without.

Mafia de Cuba

The Godfather of your family has called a meeting in Cuba, gathering you all in the sweltering heat—and some of your fellow mobsters have been bold enough to steal the Godfather’s diamonds! There’s no more thematic way to play Mafia de Cuba then outside, passing the game box around and stealthily removing pieces as you try to cover your deception. Is that sweat from the heat, or because your friend is lying to you? There’s only one way to find out, so bring Mafia de Cuba to your next friendly get-together this summer. 

It’s Hot Outside

Summer may seem like it’ll be here forever, but it’s already moving past. Before the first leaves of autumn start to fall, make sure you get in your last summer parties and bring along a few of the best BBQ games from the Asmodee catalog.