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Mysterium: Hidden Signs Becomes Available This Week

5 July 2016 | Mysterium


Nothing has been the same since the séance last Halloween at the Warwick Manor. The other psychics agree, and have been keeping a close eye on the place ever since. Now though, the current residents have begun noticing a strange and not entirely human presence again, leaving only one thing to do. After consulting with the other clairvoyants, it has been agreed: another trip to the manor is in order. Something must have been overlooked—but what? They had all thought the murder solved... but who can say what gets lost in translation between the world of the living and the dead? 

New information has come to light in the murder case at Warwick’s Manor! Uncovering the truth will require all of your psychic abilities. Are you up for the challenge? Assemble your clairvoyant friends once again for another séance to discover what really happened in Warwick Manor, and free the ghost whose spirit has been trapped in Hidden Signs, available for purchase this Thursday from your local retailer!

Decipher the Hidden Signs

While the manor’s ghost is still bound, trapped between worlds, unable to offer specifics, the forty-two new vision cards in Hidden Signs will keep your and your fellow paranormal investigators busy as you race against time to free the imprisoned spirit of the ghost. As the game progresses and the ghost grows stronger, they'll be able to offer even more detailed information to help you solve the murder. The colorful, complex, strange, and whimsical elements that you came to know and love in Mysterium are back in Hidden Signs, allowing you to shuffle the new vision cards seamlessly into your existing game. This new variety will have you and your friends puzzling over the ghost’s cryptic clues time and time again. 

New Information Comes to Light

A strange sensation has niggled you since you last explored Mysterium’s manor home—it’s clear that more than a few mysteries still remain in Warwick Manor. Who can say what strange passageways or hidden rooms you might uncover? Six brand new locations will need to be carefully scoured for clues. Perhaps you’ll discover a strange path out the backdoor, leading to an unusually creepy back yard. Or maybe as you comb the Manor for eerie evidency, you’ll open a passage to a long-abandoned study. 

While you are poking around the manor’s newly discovered rooms, it may be wise to look carefully at any unusual objects. As you might guess, in Hidden Signs, nothing is as it seems. As such, you and your fellow psychics will need to look beyond the obvious. Seemingly common items like a child’s building block could hold the key to the ghost’s entrapment. Six new objects may be connected to the ghost's untimely demise, but you and your fellow psychics will need to figure out how! 

Six new suspects have also entered the mix, and will need to be scrupulously investigated. While they previously escaped questioning, it seems that the ghost of Warwick Manor is determined to drag all of the secrets into the light. 

Available Soon!

On Halloween, the veil between the physical and spirit worlds is growing thin enough to make contact with the other side. You and your team of psychics will need to work quickly to piece together the ghost’s visions. The faster you work, the more information the ghost can reveal. Should you fail to solve the mystery, the ghost will remain trapped for another year. As in the base game, the psychics and the ghost win or lose as together, so the stakes are high not just for the uneasy spirit, but for the credibility of the clairvoyants!

Mysterium: Hidden Signs is available Thursday at your local retailer and online through our webstore. Gather your taper candles and your crystal balls and venture back into Warwick Manor once more. Will you release the ghost to their eternal slumber? Or will you leave them trapped once more?