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Catch Up with Asmodee for the Month of June

30 June 2016 | Dream Home


The summer is flying by, but there's no need to fret, we’ve still got two months of sun and sand before the leaves begin to fall. Just in this first month, though, we here at Asmodee have announced, released, and started planning all sorts of awesome games, just perfect for filling all your summer days to come. Check out our recent news and a sneak peek at what’s in store for the breezy and beautiful summer below!

New Releases

We were so excited this month to bring you Windrider’s reprint of Reiner Knizia’s classic auction game, Ra. With new art, a re-organized rulebook, and premium game components, this is one classic board game you’ll be happy to have in your collection for years to come. Whether you’ve picked it up already or you’re planning to head down to your local game store soon, you’ve got to get your hands on this game—literally. Feel the board… the details are incredible!

Exciting Announcements

In addition to getting Ra on store shelves, we’ve been very busy announcing new titles that will be coming your way later this year. First, we told you all about the colorful card game, Final Touch, and Space Buddies, the brand new studio imprint bringing it to you. And speaking of new, we’re also excited to add Dream Home to your game library, an endlessly fun card-drafting game from Rebel, a studio new to our library.

We also went all in on our collection of family-friendly titles, bringing you two new Spot It! games and the second installment of the Storyline series. First, putting a Dory spin on the family favorite, Spot It! Finding Dory invites you to take a trip into the big blue with the beloved Finding Nemo characters. We also shared that Spot It! Fire & Ice, previously a Target exclusive, would be widely available late this year. The Fire & Ice variant comes with not only the matching mini-games you know and love, but also an electric timer and some brand new mini-games to go with it!  Our final annoucement of the month came just yesterday, when we gave you the first peek at Storyline Scary Tales, our spooky storytelling game which will come out with the witches and monsters of the night this fall.

What’s Next

While we can’t share all our secrets with you, we do love to pass along a little hint or two, so pay attention…we’re looking at an inventive July, in terms of game announcements. We might kick off the month with a historical title or two, or we may just start a wholly new expedition all on our own. You’ll have to come back in July to find out!