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Congratulate Your Graduate

Four Perfect Game Gifts for New Graduates

16 June 2016 | Cash 'n Guns


It’s finally summer, and your weekends are filling up with graduation parties. Your first instinct when planning the multitude of gifts may be to run to the bank and withdraw some cash. But while money is a versatile and quick gift, and well-received by most, you might choose instead to stand out by giving them a unique gift that will bring them joy for years to come. On the other hand, if you're a grad looking to spend some of that hard-earned cash, these games are a great option to bring along wherever you're headed next. Whether you or your grad's plans are to head off to college, go traveling, or dive right into the working world, there is an Asmodee game that will provide the perfect activity for getting to know new people!

Spot It! Hip

Spot It! Hip puts a tongue-in-cheek twist on the original Spot It! game. The pocket-sized tin contains 55 cards, covered in hipster-themed symbols. In each of the five mini-games, you must match symbols between the cards to complete different objectives. Each game is fast-paced, easy to teach, and endlessly fun. Because the game is so quick and social, it can fit in just about anywhere, with anyone. Find the matching mustaches or trendy pair of hi tops first to become the ultimate Spot It! Hip hipster!


Mysterium is a cooperative game of deduction and teamwork for two to seven players. Over the course of the game, one player takes on the role of the ghost and quickly tries to lead the psychics to the his or her murderer. Because players work together in the game, it is very social and everyone wins or loses together. The different player roles and random cards in Mysterium also mean you’ll never play the same game twice, and you’ll want to play over and over again! With the Mysterium Hidden Signs expansion coming out next month, this game also offers a great opportunity for additional gifts down the road!


An simple yet strategic bluffing game, Skull is easy to learn, but difficult to win. If you want to best your opponents, you must be sneaky and deceptive. The game turns consist of adding flowers or skulls to your own pile or wagering that you can reveal any number of flowers without running into a deathly skull.  If you succeed at your bet, you gain a point, but you can bet your opponents won't just let that happen. Successfully maneuver through two wagers and you will win the game. The simplicity and portability of this game make it an excellent choice for travel or bringing along to a night out with classmates! 

Cash’n Guns

In Cash‘n Guns Second Edition, players take on the role of successful gangsters splitting up loot. In order to intimidate your opponents into letting you have the largest share, you, and each other player, will be armed with a foam gun. With lots of bluffing, deduction, and hilarity, you'll try to convince your opponents that you’re a credible threat while saving your real bullets for the final showdown. An energetic and social party game, Cash’n Guns is great for making new friends—and enemies—and with two invigorating expansions, you can present them with even more cash, more guns, and more roles on all future gift-giving occasions.


To the gift-givers who support recent graduates, we wish you a wonderful graduation season of barbecues, pool parties, and cake. And to the graduates out there, congratulations! Every day now will truly feel like the first day of the rest of your life. So as long as you're stocked with four fun, social games, there's no better way to start than by taking to the tabletop with good friends, old and new!