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Spot It is Heating Up

Spot It! Fire & Ice Now Widely Available 

14 June 2016 | Spot It!


The Spot It!  game series is heating up with Spot It! Fire & Ice. The multifunctional case houses 55 unique cards, features an electronic timer, and introduces adaptations to three original Spot It! mini-games. In this version, you try to match symbols between cards, just like the classic game, but you can also locate red Fire symbols to start your hot streak or shut down an opponent’s streak with the blue Ice symbols. Previously a Target exclusive, you can now find the unique gameplay of Spot It! Fire & Ice at your local game store! 

Race The Clock

This game’s card deck can function just like any other Spot It! game, compatible with all of the original mini-games. Every pair of cards has a matching twosome of symbols, which you must try to spot before your opponents do. But with the addition of a timer that accompanies Spot It! Fire & Ice, you can add a unique spin to those games as well. 

In "The Tower" minigame, you'll compete to collect the most cards by finding a matching symbol between the card in front of you and the stack in the middle. When you spot the symbol, you yell it out and add the center card to your pile. With the Fire & Ice rules, however, there is the added speed round. When a player sees a matching red Fire symbol between their card and the center card, they yell out “Burn” and hit the timer. This gives them ten seconds to spot matches on their own, without interference from their opponents. However, other players can stop this spree by finding a matching Ice symbol between their card and the one in the center. If they make the match, they will shout “Freeze” and stop the timer. All players will then progress as normal until the game ends or another player gets to go on a Spot It! spree!

One of the other mini-game variants unique to Fire & Ice is Random Freeze. The object of this game is to get rid of all your cards first, but if that isn’t enough, you may also collect additional cards throughout the game. For this mini-game, you will set the timer to setting 2, or random. Each player will then take turns matching their card’s symbols to those in the center, much like the mini-game, The Well. If they make the match, they add their card to the stack, thereby depleting their own stack. However, if the timer goes off during that player’s turn, they must take three cards from the center stack, adding them to their own pile. 

Rain or Shine

Sweat it out with the fiery red symbols or cool off with the icy blue ones, either way, Spot It! Fire & Ice will be a shock to your system, bringing even more urgent speed and lively laughter to your game night. 

Grab a copy of Spot It! Fire & Ice now at your local retailer.