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13 June 2016 | Asmodee Games


It may be hard to believe, but it’s already June of 2016, and the world has seen the release of many great games from Asmodee. The tachyon insertion process of T.I.M.E. Stories has taken you dragon hunting in A Prophecy of Dragons and deep beneath the sand in Under the Mask. You’ve been tasked to snag your due gems in Crossing, and lead your civilization to glory with the new Dynasties expansion of Nations. We got kooky with the colorful characters of Zany Penguins and started our hearts racing in Dr. Panic. We also exercised our storytelling skills with Storyline: Fairy Tales and put on a show of fantastic proportions for a mercurial monarch in Histrio. All these games are indeed great, but many of them still have yet to stand the test of time, as with plenty of games in our other catalog. Among those, many have the great honor to be selected for The Dice Tower’s Top 100, a list of the 100 best games out there, as voted on by all our fans in the board gaming world. Among those, no fewer than sixteen titles grace this list of greats, and that doesn’t even count our friends at Fantasy Flight Games, Catan Studios, and Days of Wonder. Let’s take a closer look at just what makes these games so loved.


Among the first titles found on the list is none other than Formula D, the thrilling, push-your-luck racing game of shifting gears and rolling dice. Take your racing skills on no less than fourteen different tracks, and even more if you dig deep into the game’s storied past. First made all the way back in 1991, it’s no wonder such a classic is recognized among the greatest games to have ever been played.

Next is Eclipse, the epic space opera game that has players manning the helm of many star-faring and galaxy-spanning civilizations. Each player is tasked with exploring, exploiting, expanding, and exterminating their way across a war-torn galaxy, fighting the mysterious Ancients (and each other) in an effort to spread their might across the stars. A relative newcomer to the scene, Eclipse was first published in 2011, but the game has enjoyed three expansions, and it’s quite impressive to see such a showing within only five years.

Blasting its way into the list is fan-favorite Colt Express, the immersive game of an exciting and dangerous train robbery. Not really a “board” game, Colt Express has players maneuvering their meeples along a three-dimensional train in an effort to make it off with the most loot. Only on the scene since 2014, it’s easy to see that this is one bandit that’s going to get away with it for a very long time.


Next up is the enigmatic Seasons, the card drafting eurogame that pits magical creatures against each other in the legendary Tournament of Twelve Seasons. This game of exciting dice rolling and combo building has captivated the world with its original gameplay and gorgeous art. Having been on the scene only since 2012, it’s easy to see this game has already established itself as a beloved artifact in the board gaming community, capable of captivating its players with wonder.

Run up the main sail and lookout for land—Jamaica hits the list next. The quick, accessible game of pirate ship races around the island of Jamaica has become a staple in many board game collections. With relatively simply gameplay and a jolly old theme, Jamaica is sure to remain on this list for many years to come.

A cooperative game of exorcism and protection, Ghost Stories has been haunting the list since its inception. The game puts you and your friends in the roles of Taoist monks protecting a town from waves of ghosts bent on resurrecting their master. The innovative gameplay and unique theme have guaranteed that it's sure to haunt the Top 100 for years to come.

Do you feel lucky? Cash ’n Guns certainly does! Next on the list is the quick-drawing bluffing party game with its own arsenal of giant foam guns. Like Ghost Stories above, Cash ’n Guns is another truly unique offering from the Repos studio, establishing them as a true innovator in the industry, something their fans will surely appreciate.

With a list like the Top 100, it’s also interesting to see how certain themes tend to repeat. Enter Libertalia, the competitive card game of swashbuckling pirates and glittering gold. Nominated for the Spiel des Jahres for  Game of the Year and also featured on the popular show Tabletop, Libertalia is another game-library staple for its quick-to-learn rules and engaging theme.

Coming in next is the strategic battle game set in Ancient Egypt, Kemet. Players take control of different Egyptian tribes and summon powerful armies and mystical creatures to enter into glorious battle with one another. With its fantastic miniatures, Day and Night game rounds, and chances at Divine Intervention to help conquer the land, the gods have chosen their champion in Kemet.

Featured on our site earlier this year, Jaipur is the beautifully designed two-player game of trading goods and set collection, all in an effort to become the personal trader of the Maharajah. Each game is divided into three matches, and the easily learned gameplay, lovely design, and interesting tactical decisions have placed it high on the list.


Nearing the top of the list we find Dixit, the interpretative party game that exercises the imagination. Dixit has won many awards in its storied history, and it’s easy to see why it’s a prized possession in any game collection. Each round, the lead player says a phrase, and everyone chooses a dream card in their hand that most closely resembles that. When all cards are chosen, player vote on which they think was the lead player’s, collecting points and memories as each round progresses.

Next up is the delightful Takenoko, the game of growing bamboo, tending a garden, and feeding the Emperor’s picky panda. The gorgeous graphical styling and colorful components have made this a family favorite for years, and that growing love has cultivated Takenoko’s rightful place high up on the Top 100.

Sitting firmly in the Top 10 is the relic that is 7 Wonders. This civilization-building card game is a standard at board game nights around the world. Its global scope, educational premise, and joyfully competitive gameplay ensure every game is different, and its easy-to-learn ruleset means that many people can easily enjoy its clever pacing and flexible tactics, securing it a place among the annals of board gaming history.

Another relative newcomer, Space Cowboys’ 2014 offering of Splendor sits firmly within the Top 5, and is one of the most beloved games in all the Asmodee catalog. A competitive puzzle-like game based on the history of the gem trade, Splendor is both accessible and challenging while being infinitely engaging and supremely addictive. We anticipate this endearing and satisfying game to sit in this prized place for many years to come.

On this list, you can find plenty of other games from the Asmodee family, including Five Tribes, Small World, Ticket to Ride, Memoir ’44, and more from Days of Wonder. Settlers of Catan also sits comfortably on the list, with its long legacy of quality gameplay, intriguing expansions, and a booming culture. The Fantasy Flight Games catalog offers even more titles on the list, including A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, Cosmic Encounter, Citadels, Android: Netrunner, Eldritch Horror, and plenty more.

There’s such a wealth of wonderful games available for players of all ages and levels of skill, with legacies potent enough to captivate audiences for years. The Dice Tower’s annual People’s Choice list of the Top 100 Games of All Time is a discriminating barometer by which to measure these enduring titles, and we are extremely honored to have so many games featured therein. Remember, check back to our website for more information about all these great games and those to come, and make sure to vote for your favorite Asmodee Games in the 2016 Top 100 Games of All Time later this year!