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Summer Journeys of Imagination

Where Might Dixit: Journey Take You? 

1 June 2016 | Dixit


The days are getting longer and warmer. In many places throughout North America and Europe, the school year is about to end (or already has), and summer is about to begin—a time for all kinds of journeys. You may soon be embarking on a canoe trip through the Canadian wilds, or a road trip towards California along Route 66, or a tour of London's museums. Or perhaps you’ll be staying at home, journeying instead through books, music, movies, plays and, of course, games. 

The card game Dixit was created to foster those journeys of imagination. Each expansion is also shaped by a unique theme and frequently a unique artist. Dixit: Journey, illustrated by Xavier Collette, is devoted to all kinds of travel, whether that means going to another country or listening to a new song—and so is perfectly suited to the summer vacation season.

To give you a glimpse of this expansion, we chose six cards and asked employees from several Asmodee departments to share phrases and thoughts those cards inspired. What we came up with includes allusions to Game of Thrones, Disney movies, our personal lives, a Van Halen song, and more. But what follows is only a small example of what these images can suggest. You and your fellow players will naturally come up with countless other ideas.  

Travel within your own backyard: Urban Mermaid (image 1), Apartment a la Magritte (2), and Two Boys and a Well (3)

On Image 1: Urban Mermaid

“The Lady of the Lake got lost”
“The world is what you make it”
“Little pond in the big city”
“Part of their world”

On Image 2: Apartment a la Magritte

“With you, the dreariest morning feels warm”
“Gene Kelly”
“An agoraphobic’s view of the world”
“They were hard pressed to assign it a resale value”
“The joy of going home”

On Image 3: Two Boys and a Well

“Escape to another world”
“You have to get down to move up”
“What is it, Lassie?”
“Push him through the Moon door!”
“A gateway to Narnia”

Travel through the arts: The Magic Library (4), The Magic Paintbrush (5), The Old Man and the Cosmos (6)

On Image 4: The Magic Library

“Imagination takes flight”
“And he spoke to him winged words”
“Wingardium Leviosa!”
“Beauty and the Beast"
“With your mind you can reach for the skies”

On Image 5: The Magic Paintbrush

“A new future”
“On the fourth day…”
“Paint the night away!”
“Art defines the passage of time”
“The blues”

On Image 6: The Old Man and the Cosmos

“Moon rocks”
“The SETI Project”
“The music of the spheres”

These images are just a few of the expansion's eighty-four cards, and these phrases and thoughts just a selection of what worlds to which you might envision traveling. There are many more journeys to go on! 

Dixit: Journeys is available in stores now.