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Clear the Fog and Stake Your Claim

Set Out to Rebuild Nebula Valley

4 April 2016 | Via Nebula



An era of darkness and danger is finally coming to an end in Nebula Valley, and the local ambitious guild leaders have begun competing for building contracts to repopulate these lost lands. Enterprising explorers and bold craftsmen are standing at the ready to venture into the misty region and reclaim the land that was lost to monstrous creatures long ago. 

In Via Nebula, players take on the roles of the local guilds in a race to win the hearts and minds of the people of Nebula Valley by exploring the Valley, transporting materials, and competing for contracts that work to rebuild civilization atop the ancient ruins hidden deep within the valley. In this preview, we’ll take a closer look at how players can exploit resources and explore the dangerous fog and petrified forests of Nebula Valley.

Exploiting the Valley’s Riches

Everything your guild needs to construct new buildings in Nebula Valley is ripe for the taking. Resource tokens are laid out across the expansive board, signifying sites where one of five resources may be obtained: Wheat, Clay, Wood, Stone, and Food. Each player can place craftsmen in order to exploit these resources and make them available to start fulfilling building contracts. 

Each guild has two craftsmen that can be used to exploit resources. Once a craftsman has been placed at an exploitation site, they must remain there until all of the resources have been moved off to a construction site. No one wants to let the precious goods go to waste, but you don’t want your craftsmen stuck in one place if there are new resources to exploit in the Valley! Careful placement of craftsmen can be a key element of your guild’s success.

The blue player gains one victory point, but any player can now use the three wood on the board.

Exploiting new resources gains a player victory points and contributes to your guild’s fame in the eyes of the people of Nebula Valley, but keep in mind that the new building supplies are also available to your competition. While the rivalries can be fierce, the guilds are not so petty as to keep resources for themselves when it could benefit the valley and its citizens!

Braving the Fog and Forests

Once there are resources ready to be put to use, the race to rebuild Nebula Valley begins! The real trick is finding a path to bring the materials safely to your claimed ruins in order to commence construction. Even though the great darkness has passed, the land is still shrouded in mist and dotted with dangerous petrified forests and forbidden regions filled with monstrous creatures. No sane craftsman would try and blindly transport supplies through these perils, so the guild leaders must send brave explorers into the wilds to chart a safe path.

Since resources can only be transported over the safe and tranquil meadows of the valley, it’s necessary to explore an area and clear away the thick and confusing fog that still clings to the land or cut a path through the perilous petrified forests. Players have four piles of meadow tiles on their guild’s board that are used to cover a fog tile or a petrified forest and mark them as explored. A player can use their turn to clear one or two regions of the cloying mists, or they can use their whole turn to take on an imposing petrified forest.

Resources can only be moved through completely empty spaces, so guilds may need to clear a path around craftsmen or skirt the edge of an occupied ruin to get to a fresh building site. Carving a path through the wilderness of Nebula Valley yields rewards beyond safe passage, too. Each time you clear a stack of meadow tiles from your guild board, you’re rewarded with two victory points, bringing you that much closer to being declared the hero of Nebula Valley! Take care in forging a clear path to the ruins, however, as your competitors can also transport goods along these newly cleared routes. 

Plan ahead so you don’t wind up opening an easy path to success for your opponents, and try to take advantage of the work of your competitors. Only the most savvy guild will win the race to restore the glory of your home in Via Nebula