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Team Spirit

A New Cash N' Guns Expansion Is Coming 

29 April 2016 | Cash 'n Guns


Until now, the best strategy in Cash 'N Guns has been to look out for yourself. Be willing to make temporary aliiances, break them, and shoot anyone who stands in your way. But the nature of the competition is about to change: the upcoming Team Spirit expansion makes it so that you’re no longer looting and shooting on your own!

Cash ’N Guns is a bluffing game in which four to eight players take aim at each other in order to get the biggest and best share of the available loot. In every round you’ll point your weapon, but you won’t have enough bullets to fire every time. The diamonds, artworks, and dollars at stake aren’t always worth spilling blood or taking a bullet. You do, however, need to be careful whom you shoot. Wounding someome might make you a target. Eliminating an ally is perfectly fair game. 

The Team Spirit expansion turns Cash ’N Guns into a team game. At least one other person at the table will truly have your back, and you’ll have theirs. With three or four different criminal factions fighting for loot, there’s now room for a ninth player to get in on the action. There’s also new characters, surprises, and, of course, new guns that you can integrate into all your games of Cash ’N Guns, whether you play independently or as part of a team.

Hired Help

Team play shakes up your games of Cash ’N Guns in quite a few ways. First of all, it makes it so that you know exactly who’s on your side—and who isn’t. You can’t take aim at your teammates, but you can give another team member the medkit or the ammo clip, even if they wouldn’t otherwise have a share in the loot.You can also secretly trade Ammo, Power, Loot, and Surprise cards with the people on your team, perhaps giving one player the lion’s share of the diamonds in exchange for a few extra bullets—or a few extra blanks.

Once you’ve gotten a good feel for team play, you can start recruiting Mercenaries to fight for your team at the end of the game. You might recruit Fake Elvis, for example, to marry two teammates so that their loot is counted together. The new couple also receives a 20,000 wedding gift to celebrate their commitment. Another Mercenary, Miss Pencilhand, can quickly forge a painting for one of your team members, adding value to that art collection far beyond the painting’s individual worth. Each Mercenary costs you a share of your loot, but may prove to be the difference between your team’s victory and defeat.

Fresh Firepower

Team Spirit includes plenty to enhance your take-no-prisoners, everyone-for-themselves games of Cash ’N Guns as well. New Powers (and new pistols!) include the Desert Sparrow, whose pistol is so intimidating that it forestalls Mexican standoffs. If you don’t really want to wound anyone, you can take the Stun Gun, which forces its victims to fall to the ground and drop their loot, letting someone else pick it up while they’re distracted. Or, you could make your gun very quiet and extraordinarily deadly by fitting the Silencer to it. The player whose gun has that attachment fires with Click cards instead of Bang! cards, meaning he or she starts the game with five bullets instead of three. 


Shoot Together, Loot Together

Taking sides will change more than who you shoot, who you recruit, and how you loot. You'll find that you make different plans and more calculated bluffs. You'll have shared secrets and slowly unfolding, game-length strategies. You'll be aiming to keep others alive and sometimes taking one for the team. You'll be part of something bigger than yourself. 

Cash ’N Guns: Team Spirit will be available in the third quarter of this year!