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Check In with Asmodee for April 2016

28 April 2016 | Asmodee


As we wrap up the month of April, we’d like to take a moment to glance back at the exciting releases and announcements from the last thirty days! We began the month with a silly April Fools article, claiming to give you the key to winning any game. Of course, there is no sure way to win any game. Your best bet is to learn the strategy and play, play, play! Speaking of playing games, in preparation for the Jaipur reprint, we played in the office and learned an awful lot about camels. We also got in touch with Steve Kimball over at Windrider Games and chatted about his journey through the gaming industry, the development of the studio, and the process of reprinting their first game, Ra. On top of all that fun, we also got to announce and release a bunch of incredible titles!

New Releases

Not only did we reprint Jaipur, but we also sent a few more copies of Colt Express, Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach, and the Takenoko: Chibis expansion out into the world. All of these titles should be available in your local Asmodee retailer now, alongside our brand new game, Doctor Panic. In this game, two to nine players race against the clock to save the life of their patient, completing eight real-time tasks before the timer runs out, all while dealing with emergency codes and calls. Pick up Doctor Panic and your dreams of lifesaving and heroism can come true today!

Exciting Announcements

We were also thrilled to announce this month a few new titles for release later this year. First is Captain Sonar, a game of underwater warfare in which you and your teammates must locate and destroy your opposing team’s submarine before they do the same to yours. Play turn-by-turn or in real-time; either way it’s sure to be an exhilarating race to victory. Then, keep your eyes open for more information on Martin Wallace’s new zombie-themed adventure game, perfectly fusing tension and irony for a rousing undead road trip.

In addition to the brand new releases, we also spread the news that three old favorites are coming back to store shelves near you. First, track down Mr. Jack in the revised version of this crafty favorite. With a revamped board layout and all-new original art, the chase is on and exciting as ever! 

Next, embrace your artistic side in Bruxelles 1893. By placing assistants, betting on valuable bonus cards, and maintaining your social status, you can become one of Europe’s most renowned Art Nouveau architects!

Finally, in preparation for its upcoming expansion, it’s a great time to pick up a copy of Troyes, the game of employing citizens, constructing cathedrals, and surviving war in the late middle ages. Expand your game later this year with the release of Ladies of Troyes, which will bring new dice, characters, and exploration to your game.

What’s Next

All that excitement and we’re not even done because we have more tabletop fun headed your way. Check back soon for a sneak peek at an upcoming expansion for criminals of all kinds. Team up with friends, family, or even like-minded foes to bring more firepower to your next high-stakes standoff. You may also start to see the hustle and bustle of cast and crew, preparing to take the stage yet again in the first expansion to a recent dramatic release. Both of these expansions are expected to arrive in stores during the third quarter of 2016, but we’ll be sure to let you know more in the coming weeks!