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Three Games You Can Play this Mother’s Day

20 April 2016 | Mother's Day Games


Mother’s Day is May 8th: only a few weeks away! While we’re sure that most of you have already planned everything—the three-course dinner, the hot stone massage, the hourly deliveries of roses—there’s just one thing missing to make your mom’s day absolutely perfect. How about a board game with your mom this Mother’s Day?

Today, we’ll take a look at three games that you can play with your mom and other family members, either on Mother’s Day or all year-round. 

Tending an Adorable Panda

If your mother likes gardening and caring for small, cute creatures, one of the best games to look at is Takenoko. This game puts two to four players in charge of the Japanese Emperor’s gardens. Your goal is to add new plots and create the most beautiful and peaceful garden, even as you irrigate patches of garden and grow massive stalks of bamboo. Of course, it’s not quite that easy.

Complicating your task is the fact that the Emperor has recently received a panda as a gesture of goodwill from the ruler of China. The panda has the run of the royal gardens, and you can also gain points by feeding the panda all the bamboo he can eat. With easy-to-learn rules, beautiful wooden pieces, and adorable plastic figures, Takenoko is sure to be a hit with mom this Mother’s Day!

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

If your mother has more artistic background or is more in touch with her intuition, she may prefer the relaxed, social gameplay of Dixit. This game brings three to six players together in a shared experience of imagination and mystery, centered on a deck of cards with striking, abstract, ethereal artwork. 

Each round, one player is the storyteller, and he or she selects a card from his hand and places it facedown. Then, the storyteller says a phrase or sentence that describes the essence of the facedown card. Each of the other players select a card from their hands that they feel best follows the storyteller’s description. Once all the cards are collected and revealed, everyone tries to determine which card belonged to the storyteller! In a game of Dixit, the journey is worth far more than the destination, and it might be the perfect game for this Mother’s Day.

Find the Match!

The final game in our list is none other than Spot It!, a fast-paced game of finding the match for up to eight players. The rules for Spot It! are incredibly easy to learn, making this an ideal game for family gatherings. Though there are five different mini-games you can play, making every experience different, they’re all based on the deck of special, circular cards. Each card in the deck has an array of symbols, and each card has one, and only one, symbol that matches a symbol on any other card in deck. 

Players may be trying to claim all of the cards or get rid of their cards, but no matter what mini-game you’re playing, you’re trying to find the matching symbols between cards as fast as you can. If your family is more competitive or likes to move at a faster pace, Spot It! might be the best game to play with your mom.

An Unforgettable Mother’s Day

There might not be much time between the five-star restaurant and the orchestra exhibition, but fortunately, none of these games take too long to play. Make your mother’s day on May 8th when you suggest playing a game with her!