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New Clues Have Come To Light

Reexamine the Warwick Murder in Mysterium: Hidden Signs

8 March 2016 | Mysterium


Something didn’t sit right after your last visit to Warwick Mansion, and the other psychics felt it, too. Alma Salvador has expressed her doubts, and the residents of the mansion have begun to feel a supernatural presence all over again. In your haste to solve the crime, some locations were not initially considered, suspects not immediately questioned, and potential weapons originally ignored. Your intuition is nagging at you…and it’s time to return to the mansion for another look at the case.

Plunge back into the dreamworld of Mysterium to decipher new clues in the game’s first expansion, Hidden Signs. Unveil new suspects, objects, and locations in your investigation into the murder of the manservant at Warwick Manor. Use your clairvoyant power to narrow down your clues once more so the ghost may finally rest in peace.

A Second Look

Since your initial séance, six new characters have been revealed as suspects, and along with them, six locations and six objects have been called into question. Perhaps the toymaker is guilty, having concealed a bear trap in the den. Or did the equestrian have motive, luring the victim to the spooky yard out back, bellows in hand? Shuffle the new cards into both the psychic and ghost card decks to review all clues, both old and new. Whatever the answer, it is your duty to find it, alongside your clever comrades.

The ghost will attempt to help you in whatever way he can, but his assistance is still limited to the colorful, compound visions through which he communicates. However, in your time away, new memories have come to him, and he may express them through 42 brand new vision cards. Shuffle these into the vision card deck in order to explore new information alongside the old. From a stormy field of poppies to a lamppost with the chills, these abstract images are as elaborate and unique as ever. Put yourself in another’s shoes to interpret the clues and uncover the truth.

Back With A Vengeance

The ghost is getting even more anxious, awaiting peaceful rest after all this time. The faster you work, the more he can tell you, but ultimately, you and your fellow psychics win or lose together. Work as a team to decipher the ghost’s visions so once an accusation is made, all fingers point in the same direction. If they don’t, the ghost must return next Halloween for another attempt at solving his own murder, all the while feeling an unavenged victim’s spiritual unease.

The combinations are endless, but the pressure remains to solve the case quickly so the ghost may rest. Reenter the dreamworld of Mysterium and use your intuition to decipher new clues and find the truth in Hidden Signs.

The ghost’s new visions of Mysterium: Hidden Signs are expected to appear in stores during the second quarter of 2016.