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Bruxelles 1893

A Classic Board Game Returns to Print

30 March 2016 | Bruxelles 1893


Return to the birthplace of the Art Nouveau style—we’re proud to announce that Bruxelles 1893, a classic board game of auctions, art, and architecture for two to five players, is being reprinted and will soon become available once more!

In every game of Bruxelles 1893, you take on the role of a budding artist / architect in the bustling city of Brussels, Belgium. Over the course of five rounds, you must gain fame and renown by crafting beautiful works of art and constructing soaring Art Nouveau buildings. If you succeed, your efforts will shape the future of art and architecture across Europe, but if you fail, your name will be forgotten along with the countless other artists who failed to make the cut.

Art Nouveau… Reborn

Each round in Bruxelles 1893 challenges you to compete with up to four opponents, all eager to claim the actions they need to attain everlasting fame as a founding artist of the Art Nouveau style. At the beginning of each round, the first player defines the available actions by drawing the top card of the Stock Exchange deck. Then, you and your opponents must compete to claim actions by sending out your assistants.

You may create wondrous works of art in the studio and sell them in the shop, catering to the ever-changing tastes of Brussels in exchange for Belgian francs and victory points. You may gather materials and construct beautiful buildings, claiming spaces on the board for yourself and gaining side benefits whenever another player uses that space. You might even visit the Royal Theater and befriend important public figures, whose patronage can help to propel your art into the public eye. 

Alternatively, you may send your assistants into Brussels itself to accomplish your goals. Whether you visit the market to gain new resources, influence public figures at the Royal Plaza, or frequent the Stock Exchange to gain more money, the locations of Brussels have plenty to offer. You must always be cautious, however—if too many of your apprentices are found shirking their duties in Brussels, they may be detained at the Courtroom!

Over the course of five rounds, you must work to create the most glorious masterpieces and gain more victory points than your opponents from your art and architecture. Only one player’s name will become synonymous with the Art Nouveau tradition.

A City of Art

Flowing curves. Intricate lines. An intense connection to the natural world. These are a few of the hallmarks of the Art Nouveau style, and in Bruxelles 1893, you can take a hand in the formation of this tradition. For more information, visit the Bruxelles 1893 minisite, and look for this game to return to retailers in the third quarter of 2016!