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A New Year of Asmoplay

Announcing the Next Wave of Asmoplay Games

16 March 2016 | Asmoplay


Every year, players around the country have the chance to head to their local retailers to play their favorite Asmodee games through the Asmoplay program. It’s an opportunity for you to make new friends and play the games you love with plenty of other people who feel the same way. Today, Asmodee North America is proud to announce the next wave of Asmoplay games:

Whether you’re headed to a tournament, attending a casual game night, or playing week after week in a league at your local retail store, each of these Asmoplay games offers hours of fun and enjoyment. 

Today, we’ll look briefly at each of these new Asmoplay games and explore some of the unique prizes you could win!

7 Wonders: Duel

Journey to the early days of human civilization and guide your civilization to greatness in 7 Wonders: Duel, a card game for two players designed by the renowned Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala. Over the course of three Ages, you and your opponent will go head-to-head, battling to gather the resources you need to make your civilization the most powerful force in the ancient world. 

There are multiple possible paths to victory in a game of 7 Wonders: Duel. You may construct massive wonders that grant you plenty of victory points. You may marshal your armies and send them on the road to war, marching into your opponent’s capital and crushing his dreams. You might even decide to pursue the ways of science, developing technology that will establish you as the greatest nation in the world. No matter which way you choose to rule your nation, 7 Wonders: Duel offers a wealth of tactical choices for every player.

When you play 7 Wonders: Duel at your local retailer as part of the Asmoplay program, you’ll be able to win a number of exciting prizes, including metallic coins, coin bags, silver conflict pawns, and Statue of Liberty Wonder cards.

Colt Express

You’re one of the most infamous bandits in the Wild West in Colt Express, winner of the prestigious 2015 Spiel des Jahres. Over the course of the game, you move your bandit back and forth on a three-dimensional train, taking potshots at other bandits, avoiding the marshal, and snatching any loot you can find. 

The catch is that, every turn, you choose how your bandit acts before you know what your opponents will do. If you time your moves exactly right, your opponent may walk right into a punch and drop some precious loot, but if you make a mistake, you may find yourself swinging at thin air—or even worse, walking into another bandit’s line of fire. In your games of Colt Express, every choice matters, and the bandit who can navigate the chaos better than any other will emerge the richest!

Play your games of Colt Express on this beautful playmat!

Whether you’re playing Colt Express at a local tournament or just a casual game day, you have the chance to win any number of unique and exclusive prizes. You may win Train Track playmats to provide a thematic play surface for the game, or you could loot a Train Station terrain piece to add to your table.


A decades-old murder has been reopened in Mysterium, a cooperative game of deduction and clues for two to seven players! During the game, up to six players take on the roles of psychics—each determined to solve an old murder by properly identifying the culprit, the location, and the murder weapon. The final player becomes the ghost, who must convey the identity of the murderer, but only by offering up abstract, dream-like Vision cards. 

Over the course of the game, the ghost will give Vision cards to each of the psychics, who then have limited time to decide how the ghost is directing them. You must follow your intuition and interpret the clues, while voting on other players’ answers to increase your clairvoyancy. At the end of the game, if all players can point to the correct culprit, the players win the game, but if the psychics guess wrong, the ghost is doomed to wander for another year…

Mysterium is well suited to any kind of casual game day, and you can receive a variety of exclusive promotional items for participating in an Asmoplay event at your local retailer! You may receive a thematic Ghost mask for the ghost player, a set of golden Intuition tokens, or even a promotional Vision card to add to your own game of Mysterium


You have been tasked with growing the Emperor’s royal bamboo gardens—peaceful and rewarding work. There’s just one problem, though: the royal panda also lives in the garden, and there’s nothing he likes better than to eat all of your bamboo! Now, the Asmoplay program is bringing you the chance to play Takenoko at local retailers near you. 

Takenoko is a game of peaceful gardening and mischievous pandas for two to four players. To win a game of Takenoko, you’ll need to balance three conflicting paths. You must arrange new plots of the garden to create aesthetically appealing arrangements. You must irrigate these plots and grow the bamboo high. And you must make sure that the royal panda always has enough bamboo to eat. Only the most skilled gardener can claim victory in Takenoko!

If you head to your local retailer to take part in Takenoko Asmoplay, you’ll have the chance to walk away with some thrilling and unique prizes. You may get a set of alternate figurines, bamboo bags to store your pieces, or even a pack of custom irrigation sticks!

Start Planning for Asmoplay

There’s still time to participate in the current wave of Asmoplay games at your local retailer, but a new wave will soon be arriving in the third quarter of 2016. Use the Retailer Locator on our website to find a store near you that may be hosting Asmoplay events, and start enjoying Asmoplay games with your local community today!