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A Jewel Beyond Price

The Accolades of Splendor

26 February 2016 | Splendor


“I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.”

Travel back to the Renaissance and become a wealthy jewel merchant in Splendor, a card game of clever plans and glittering gemstones for two to four players. In each game, you must put your wealth to use, claiming jewel mines in far-flung regions of the world, transporting your riches back to Europe, and selling them to the richest socialites and royalty of your country. To claim victory, you’ll need an eye for perfection and a cunning business mind, but the reward for your success is riches beyond measure!

Since its release in 2014, Splendor has received numerous honors. It won the 2014 Golden Geek Awards for Best Family Board Game and Game of the Year, as well as winning the 2014 Meeples’ Choice award, taking the 2014 Tric Trac de Bronze, and being nominated for the 2014 Spiel des Jahres—one of the most prestigious awards in gaming. 

Obviously, critics have enjoyed Splendor, but what are players saying about the game? Today, we’ll take a few moments to look at some of the most prominent reviews of Splendor.

The Reviews of Splendor

Splendor is great, and I’ll tell you why: because it fits that sweet spot of just being a simple game, but with a lot of fun, great components, easy to teach, easy to learn, and with so much going on… Highly, highly recommend this one.”
–Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

“You’re going to explain this to your friends, and they’re going to fall into the silence of professional poker players, because this puzzle is so good that I’m going to call it rubberized—you just fling your brain at it, and you bounce right off.”
Shut Up & Sit Down

“With just the right amount of randomness and simple rules that, without pictures, could fit on one side of a sheet of paper, Splendor is one of the best new games I’ve tried this year and a worthy nominee for the industry’s most prestigious award.”
–Keith Law, Paste Magazine

“Splendor undoubtedly is a quality addition to that small but vital genre of catch-all medium-light hobby games that seem to offer a little bit to please pretty much anyone, like light glittering on the surface of a gemstone. Enough simplicity for anyone to learn, enough strategy to exercise the strategists, enough randomness to satisfy the gamblers, enough interaction to engage the warriors.”
–Matt Thrower, No High Scores

Build Your Gemstone Empire

Sparkling jewelry may dazzle your clientele—the richest nobles of Europe—but before you can benefit from their patronage, you’ll need to create a business empire from the ground up.  Head to your local retailer to pick up your copy of Splendor, and enter a world of prestige and jewels!