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Interpret Your Vision

Ghostly Visions From Beyond

18 February 2016 | Mysterium


"The great instrument of moral good is the imagination."
–Percy Bysshe Shelley

Have you heard the whispers following you, hiding in the shadows? The urgent beckoning to probe deeper into the mystery of this fateful night? You are hearing the call of Mysterium, the hit board game available now at retailers across the country!

Uncover the Mystery

If you haven't yet tried Mysterium, now's your chance to witness the supernatural for yourself. A fully cooperative game that challenges psychic investigators to solve a decades-old murder mystery, you will team up with your friends to commune with the victim's ghost through a series of surreal visions. Tasked with interpreting these dreamscapes to find out the details of the ghost's grisly demise, your team of investigators will race against the clock to solve the mystery and lay the poor soul to rest. Or, if playing as the ghost, you will have to deliver inspiring visions to your beleagured allies in the hopes that they'll find the hint they need buried somewhere within your mysterious messages. A game that inspires the imagination and puts your deduction skills to the test, Mysterium offers a truly unique tabletop experience.

The video below will show you even more about all the secrets you are to uncover in the haunted halls of Mysterium. You can find your copy at your local retailer today!