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The Splendor App Is Available for Download

15 February 2016 | Splendor


“Money can’t buy love, but it improves your bargaining position.” 
–Christopher Marlowe

It’s 1586, and King John II has ordered you, Bartolomeu Dias, to track down and find the lost kingdom of Prester John, buried deep in the unknown regions of Africa. On official orders to forge relations with the Ottomans, the controllers of the Silk Road, King John’s ulterior motives were to secure another road to India and access to their limitless treasure.

This is just one of the many challenges you'll find within the Splendor app. Available for iOS, Android, and Steam, this digital port of the award-winning board game is staged as a globe-trotting trek across the medieval lands of Europe and Asia. Along your journey, a series of challenges puts you in unique Splendor scenarios that change the game with customized gem and card layouts, fixed starting development cards, alternate win conditions, and even timed rounds. What’s more, each challenge takes its inspiration from a key moment in the history of the jewel trade, providing extensive background on each of the thematic locales. Not only will you discover a different way to play one of your favorite games, you’ll get to learn a bit about the roots of Splendor along the way.

A New Way to Play

In addition to the substantial challenge offerings, you will find a robust AI system that will put the most expert Splendor aficionados to the test. The app provides an original take on traditional AI systems by offering a choice of behavioral patterns rather than difficulty settings. A “Balanced” AI will play an even and strategic game that maximizes its options at any given moment. “Specialized” AI opponents are masters of board control, grabbing gems of the most populous colors to purchase high-value development cards quickly. The “Opportunistic” AI appeals to those looking for a more aggressive game, actively blocking other players’ strategies and denying scarce gems to those who need it most. Additionally, “Random” and “Secret” behaviors add extra variety for the Splendor fan looking for more.

The Splendor app is also a great tool for beginners with its handy “Learn to Play” section that explains not only the basics, but deeper strategy and planning. With a little help from the app, you won’t be left wanting when it comes time to test your skill against a worthy opponent in person. You may even face them with the app, using the handy “Pass and Play” feature that emulates the tabletop in everything but the satisfying weight of gem tokens stacked in your palm. Alongside the period soundtrack and wide array of available player portraits, the app appropriately captures the Renaissance theme and feel of Splendor.

Boundless Riches

With the inclusion of leaderboards, achievements, and customizable options (including colorblind support), the Splendor app offers no limit to replayability. It’s the perfect way to take your favorite game along as you trek down the Silk Road in search of bountiful treasures. Start your prosperous journey and pick up your copy of the Splendor app for iOS, Android, or on Steam today!