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Egypt Comes to Deus!

Deus Egypt Is Now Available!

29 December 2016 | Deus Egypt


Hundreds of meters below you, the Nile winds its way along the lush banks, teeming with all manner of valuable goods. Your eyes are drawn to the triple-masted barques, moored off the banks of the new market. Small watercraft buzz back and forth between the ship and the shore, like ants busy in their labor to construct the kingdom you have envisioned. The market and its storehouses, the libraries and the barracks; they make up your kingdom. This is your monument, your legacy; this is your Egypt.

Deus fans rejoice: Deus Egypt is now available at your local retailer! Expanding on one of the most engaging civilization-building games of 2014, Deus Egypt adds all-new strategy and gameplay to the immersive world of Egypt.

Taking players to the ancient lands built along the fertile Nile river, Deus Egypt introduces the all-important aspect of river trading to your games of Egypt. With ninety-six new building cards, players can customize their games of Deus by replacing the base game's decks in a variety of combinations with those new cards found in Deus Egypt. The new market tile, scribe tokens, combat tokens, and barque tiles add even more depth to your games, and invite you to find all the new and exciting combinations possible with the now twelve different building decks. 

Build Your Own Kingdom

In our first preview of Deus Egypt, we took a brief overview of everything that this new expansion adds to your games. In your efforts to build a civilization to stand the test of time, you'll have to overcome barbarians and the military aspirations of your opponents in order to succeed in your quest for greatness. Our second preview took a much closer look at one of the most defining additions of this brand new expansion: the Nile. Taking advantage of these rich resources is not easy and does come with risk; Deus Egypt presents these opportunities as one-time effects that only occur when you play their associated card. We also took a close look at scientific expansion in Egypt and how maximizing those benefits can drive your civilization to greatness, and assure your ultimate victory. Our third preview dove deep into the new military might available to each leader of their civilization in Deus Egypt. The new employment of combat tokens allows for players to employ punishing and powerful effects that not only decimate your opponents' efforts, but can also allow you to traverse the entire board and set up protected oases of civilization, free of barbarian or foreign influence. We also examined the new Scribe tokens, and how they inspire your people to greater achievements. Lastly, the gods made an appearance and cast their divine influence to those who proved themselves worthy, expanding your ability while granting excessive amount of victory points.

Write Your Legend

Altogether, this new expansion for the blockbuster game Deus doesn't only improve continued plays of the game, but adds entirely new elements to change the entire way one might look at the game. Get started on realizing your potential with Deus Egypt, available now at your local retailer!