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Become the Marshal

The Marshal and Prisoners Expansion Is Now Available for Colt Express

29 December 2016 | Colt Express


Your train is rolling across the arid plains of New Mexico when bandits appear on the horizon, lashing their horses towards the train. They’re about to find a surprise waiting for them, however—this train isn’t as helpless as it first appears. Marshal Samuel Ford is guarding the train and he’s ready to give any attacking bandits a full share of lead!

Experience your games of Colt Express in an entirely new way with the Marshal and Prisoners expansion, now available at your local retailer! This expansion gives you an entirely different way to play the game by inviting one player to take on the role of the marshal protecting the train. A new prison car is attached to the rear of the train, giving the marshal a place to stow any outlaws that he captures during the firefight. And with an entirely new character and thirteen new Round cards, any game of Colt Express will feel utterly unique.

Take the Law in Your Own Hands

By giving you the chance to actually play as the marshal, Marshal and Prisoners adds an entirely new dimension to the game. Rather than fleeing from a faceless antagonist controlled by the game, Colt Express becomes a game that puts one player in direct opposition with the other players. The bandits’ struggle to avoid the marshal and escape with the loot is about to become more difficult than ever before.

When you’re playing as the marshal, you have your own set of objectives—which can be different for every game, since they’re determined by a random deck of goal cards. You may need to capture specific bandits, sending them to the prison car at the back of the train. Or, you may simply need to shoot as many bullets as you possibly can. Whatever your goals may be, you’ll need to watch out for incoming attacks. The bandits can target you with their bullets, but they also receive cash rewards for punching you. Playing as the marshal offers an entirely new take on the game of Colt Express, and you can find more information in our preview.

For everyone playing as a bandit, there are new dangers to avoid and new rewards to claim. The prison car looms at the rear of the train, and the marshal can throw captured bandits into the cell, where they’ll be unable to carry out any normal actions. Of course, you still have ways to escape, but capture could cause you to lose crucial turns. You may also free the prisoners already trapped in the cell. Each bandit has a sidekick that may begin the game in the prison car, and freeing them grants you cash or special powers to fuel your greed.

Protect the Train

The bandits have already boarded the train and the first shots have been fired. Will you dodge new dangers and escape from the train richer than anyone else? Or will you uphold the right and capture the outlaws in your prison cell? No matter which side you play, you’ll find new adventures in the Old West with the Marshal and Prisoners expansion for Colt Express. Pick up your copy at your local retailer today!