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It's A Revelation!

Dixit Revelations Is in Stores Now!

22 December 2016 | Dixit Revelations


Delay your epiphanies no longer, the imaginative inspiration of the newest expansion for Dixit has finally surfaced from the realm of dreams. Dixit: Revelations is now available at your local retailer!

From esteemed French illustrator and visual animation developer Marina Coudray, Dixit has never been more vivid or expressive than with the addition of these beautifully illustrated and modern-styled cards. Discover whole new worlds where the classic and the fantastical mesh and mold within the digitized world of modern technology. Influenced by art movements of the early twentieth century, your games of Dixit will delve into pivotal artistic revolutions including Cubism, Surrealism, Art Deco, and more. The timelessness of the illustrations in Revelations introduces a never-before-seen approach to the interpretative deduction of the beloved Dixit.

Expansive Imagination

Dixit itself is the world-famous game of imagination and creative guesswork, players take turns playing the storyteller, telling a brief story based on a picture card. As the storyteller, you select a card from your hand, play it facedown, and speak a word, phrase, or sentence represented by the picture. The others play facedown the picture card from their own hand which best represents, to them, what you’ve said. The cards are shuffled and revealed, and each player votes for the image that they think inspired the storyteller’s brief tale.

If all players correctly guess the storyteller’s card, everyone but the storyteller earns two points. If only a few players guess it, then they and the storyteller earn three points. In that case, every player, including the storyteller, earns a point per vote that their card received so that the most imaginative matches between pictures and words are rewarded no matter who made them.

The myriad expansions available for everyone's favorite deduction and interpretation game add further replayability and endless enjoyment. Now, Marina Coudray's addition adds a whole new element to your games of Dixit and the inspiration to come.

Find Your Revelation Today!

Your revelations are awaiting you now! Dixit: Revelations is available now at your local retailer!