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Light the Signal Fires!

HMS Dolores On Sale this Week!

20 December 2016 | HMS Dolores


Ahoy, shipwreckers! Good news, the HMS Dolores has finally washed ashore! The new game from Bruno Faidutti and Eric Lang is on sale now, and is available for purchase at your local retailer.

In HMS Dolores, a fast-paced card game by renowned designers Eric Lang and Bruno Faidutti, you and up to three friends take on the role of shipwreckers, luring unsuspecting merchant ships by the lights of your signal fires. Once the ships wreck upon the coasts, crates of precious cargo will wash ashore, loaded down with all manner of loot from faraway lands. You and your crew must gather as much of the treasure as possible in order to win the game. Unfortunately, other enterprising individuals have similar ideas, an no loot goes uncontested. With both you and a rival shipwrecker reaching each of these crates at the same time, you must find a way to agree (or not) as to how the bounty should be divided. And that's where the real difficulty lies...

The loot washes ashore!

Claim Your Crates

HMS Dolores is played over a series of turns. In each turn, new crates full of loot are washed ashore, and four new cards are revealed. Once a crate has washed up on the rocky beach, the loot inside is represented by cards of seven different suits of goods such as wine, musical instruments, armaments, and more. Two shipwreckers at a time then decide whether to Fight, get First Pick, or make Peace, demonstrating their intent by simultaneously revealing one of three hand signals like those used in rock, paper, scissors.

The shipwreckers choose their actions: Fight (left) and First Pick (right).

Before that though, the shipwreckers must negotiate how they are to divide up the loot by either telling the truth about their intentions or trying to catch their opponent with deceit and trickery. Once both players have decided, they throw their choice of action and, depending on the combination, any number of results may happen.

Depending on how the shipwreckers have signaled, the loot may or may not be divided, so those with duplicitous intent should beware! Several instances can occur where neither shipwrecker comes away with any loot, as the tide is quite impatient with bickering. For example, if both rivals should decide to choose First Pick, all four crates are discarded, and each player must also discard a full suit of loot cards from their display area. However, if both shipwreckers decide to make peace, then the loot is split evenly between them. If one wrecker decides to Fight, they could potentially take the whole prize, but if both do, no one wins anything in the end.

The shipwrecker on the right gets first pick of the loot and chooses the tableware.

Play proceeds in rounds, pulling more loot crates off the top of the deck. Once the sun comes up though, the shipwrecker who makes off with the most cargo, and in the correct combinations, will obtain the highest score and win the game!

What’s more, in HMS Dolores, there are more than just rival shipwreckers to worry about! Unexpected events could help or hinder you as you work to amass untold riches.

The shipwrecker on the left gets to grab the remaining loot!

Purchase Your Copy Today!

HMS Dolores is now available for purchase at your local retailer! HMS Dolores is portable and playable in twenty minutes or less, so you can wreck ships anywhere and everywhere. Plus, HMS Dolores is simple to teach and learn, so you and your rival shipwreckers will be divvying up the loot in no time. Will you play dangerously, and Fight your rivals for the most loot? Or will you choose a more collaborative play style, choosing Peace more often than not? Lead your shipwrecking crew to glory and loot galore in HMS Dolores!