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Evil Has Failed Again!

Previewing the Gameplay of Aye, Dark Overlord!

7 November 2016 | Aye, Dark Overlord!


No matter how triumphantly the forces of Good defeat the forces of Evil on the silver screen, in the pages of your favorite comics, or during your RPG campaign, the fight never ends. Despite their numerous defeats, evil rulers, dark monsters, and hordes of expendable minions always return—but after each of those failures, those monsters and underlings have some explaining to do.

Aye, Dark Overlord! is a storytelling game for you and three to six friends, casting one person as the Dark Overlord, furious at the foiling of their plans, while the remaining players struggle to appease their boss and explain why the latest plan to capture the princess / conquer the kingdom / monopolize the world's coffee production has failed. It's every minion for themselves as you all struggle to avoid withering glares and the wrath of the Dark Overlord.

In today's preview of Aye, Dark Overlord!, we have an example of the first round of gameplay as a trio of servants attempt to placate their furious master.

Avoid the Withering Look

Before the start of the game, Sara has been chosen as the Dark Overlord, and her Withering Look cards have been set aside. Each Servant player has been dealt three Hint Cards to tell their story and Three Action Cards to help stay alive. Play begins with the Dark Overlord.

Sara as Dark Overlord: My faithful servants, have you finally secured the Golden Chalice that I might drink from it and become immortal? You! Yes, you. John, is it? Give it to me now.

John as Servant 1: Well… well, you see my lady… I was nearly home with the chalice when a dim-witted warrior tripped in front of me and knocked it from my hands. It bounced once, twice, and then disappeared into the Dark Forest. I tried to go in after it, but a troop of Drill Elves snatched it up and faded into the trees.

John plays a Pass the Buck Action Card and The Tavern Hint Card: I would have taken war to the Drill Elves, but I was alone. David was supposed to be at my side, but he spent the whole day at the Screaming Madman Tavern.

David as Servant 2: Okay, yes, I was in the tavern all day, but it was for work! I knew John was chasing the wrong chalice—his would have left you with a donkey's head if you drank from it—so I reached out to my contacts in the Ill-Famed District to track down the true cup. I had a lead through Gonat the Junk Dealer, but…

Kristen plays a Freeze Action Card and The Other Dark Overlord: Wait a minute, David. If you were really searching for the chalice to return it to our lady Sara, explain why I saw you huddled in a corner negotiating with Magister Karnaky, the Other Dark Overlord!

Sara, glaring at David: You were with Karnaky? When you should have been doing my bidding?

David: Well, you see, my lady…

Sara, reaching for a Withering Look Card: Spit it out…

David shows his final Hint Card: I was trying to trade him this expensive parchment from the junk dealer for information on the…

Sara hands David a Withering Look: I. Don't. Care. You know that working with Karnaky has been forbidden since he double-crossed me in our plot to kidnap Prince Bartholomew! Now Kristen, where were you in all of this?

Play continues until one player receives a third Withering Look. The player with three withering looks has earned the blame for the latest failure, and the Dark Overlord's punishment will no doubt be severe.

Pick Up Your Copy Soon

Aye, Dark Overlord! is available in two versions: The Red Box and The Green Box. Each box includes 121 Hint Cards, 37 Action Cards, 7 Withering Look Cards, and the rulebook and can be played independently of each other or combined for more fun! The different boxes each feature different Hint Cards to spark the imagination. The Red Box includes Pass the Buck and Freeze Action Cards while The Green Box includes those and adds Back of the Line and No Way! Action Cards into the mix.

Additionally, if you were a fan of the classic 2005 version of the game, that has been re-released in Aye, Dark Overlord! The Red Box, faithfully reproducing all the buck-passing and backstabbing of the original game.

Each set features fun and funny fantasy art by Italian comic artist Riccardo Crosa; find Aye, Dark Overlord! wherever great games are sold and give your gaming night an injection of storytelling fun.