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I Hear A Train A'Coming

Enhance Your Games of Colt Express with Music

21 November 2016 | Colt Express


The Wild West of the 1800s. A land of grand, soaring vistas—towering mountains, arid deserts, vast plains—all stretched out under the infinite blue sky. This is a place where a dedicated man can make his fortune, by fair means or foul. In Colt Express, you have that chance… provided you can outwit your rivals to become the richest bandit in the West! So as you clamber aboard the train and the bullets start flying, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the moment than with our carefully chosen playlist of Western songs and music.

Climb Aboard the Colt Express

In every game of Colt Express, you take on the role of a bandit intent on robbing a train and escaping with as much loot as you can carry. There are plenty of other bandits carrying out the heist as well, but they’re not your allies by any means. Only one bandit can escape with the lion’s share of the passengers’ valuables, and only one player can win the game of Colt Express.

Colt Express challenges you and your rival players to program your bandits’ movements without knowing exactly what your opponents are going to do. You may know when you want to fire your gun, but you can’t be sure that your intended target will actually be standing in your line of fire. You may want to dive off the roof into a sleeping car and rob the passengers within—but when you get there, you may discover that your opponents have already taken the money and the marshal is waiting inside! As your heist unfolds across the three-dimensional train that forms the board in Colt Express, the train gets ever closer to the station. Before the train pulls into town, you and your foes will need to escape with your ill-gotten gains. 


Train Whistle Blowing

Colt Express is already a game that’s dripping with theme—from the three-dimensional train that you’re robbing to the desert scenery that you’re invited to set up in the background. Whether you’re scheming what your bandit is about to do next or carrying out your nefarious robberies and dodging the marshal’s bullets, you can add to the experience of the Old West with our Spotify playlist for Colt Express

As songs of cowboys, bandits, and bonanzas drift around your game, carried by twanging guitars and mournful harmonicas, you’ll almost be able to feel the hot southwestern wind blowing on your face as you cling to the roof of a speeding train, your six-shooter clutched in your hand. Head to Spotify today, and listen to our Colt Express playlist during your next playthrough!