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Announcing Asmodee's Newest Brain-bender

10 November 2016 | Braintopia


Asmodee is excited to announce Braintopia, a simple game that will test your skills of observation, quick thinking, and coordination. The game is made up of eight fast-paced challenges that will keep you on your toes as you race to refocus your mind and solve each puzzle before your opponents. As you and up to five other players proceed through the challenge deck, you will collect the cards you have answered both accurately and most quickly. A correctly identified tactile card or a pair of any other challenge cards of the same type will earn you a piece of the brain. The first player to all four brain pieces wins the game!

Brain Games

Mental speed and agility are the name of the game in seven of the eight Braintopia challenges, each calling for speedy sight and quick reflexes. The cards will be revealed one at a time, giving all players a chance to solve the puzzle shown. Once you have identified the solution to a card, you have to slap the top of the deck, covering the card, and share your answer. If you remove your hand and the other players can verify your answer, you may claim the card and place it in front of you. If you’re incorrect, however, the card is removed from the game and you cannot participate in the following challenge.

While each card poses its own challenge, you must also make careful decisions about which cards to hang onto. When you claim a card, you may choose to place it in front of you to wait for its match, which would allow you to take one of four brain pieces and edge your way ever closer to victory. However, you may only keep four cards in front of you at a time, and with seven challenges, you may have to consider which cards you expect to see sooner rather than later and which you are most confident you can win. 

Test Your Skills

The eight challenges of Braintopia test various skills, from speed to observation to logic to coordination. Each of the challenge cards has an indicator on the back of what kind of challenge the front side will depict, so you will have a bit of a heads up on what to expect before each round begins. Once you flip the card, you may find yourself staring at a myriad of colorful words, a short and quick maze, a puzzle in need of a piece, or a number of other illustrations.

Not only will you need to think fast, but you will have to act faster and then remember what you’ve seen. Once you know the answer, you quickly cover the card with your hand and state your solution. Some of the cards are easier to recall than others. In the Color challenge, players must identify which word is written in the color it represents. On one card, the word “Blue” may be printed in pink ink—a false trail—but on the next, it may be printed in Navy, signifying that it is the correct answer.

Other cards may take a bit more concentration, such as the Memory challenge. Memory cards have five symbols on them, and you must be able to recall all five in order to claim the card. The Duplicates and Recurrence challenges are similarly difficult. For Duplicates, you must identify one illustration is present on the card twice, and in Recurrence, the answer is whichever symbol occurs most often in a sea of similar images. Simply put, you will be tested in many small but significant ways throughout the Challenge deck, and you will have to tackle each card more quickly and accurately than your opponents. 

Sense of Touch 

One challenge that functions differently than all the rest occurs when you reach a tactile card, indicated by a fingerprint symbol. When one of these cards surfaces to the top of the deck, the last player to complete a challenge faces a tactile challenge. The rest of the players will select one of ten texture cards from a separate deck which the player must then feel and identify. 

Don’t worry, you won’t be going in completely unprepared—at the beginning of the game, each player will get a chance to briefly familiarize themselves with the touch cards—though when the pressure is on, can you really tell the difference between a peach and a zebra?

Let's Play!

The simple challenges of Braintopia are easy for anyone to pick up, though the intense speed and competition of the game will force you to see and speak quickly if you want to come out ahead. 

Braintopia will be available at your local game store early next year!