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Tabletop Titles to Tickle the Funny Bone

6 October 2016 | Asmodee Games


Because of varied themes and mechanics, board games provide all kinds of different play experiences. Some are dark and strategic, some are bright and charming, and some are a healthy blend of the two. Regardless of the tone and difficulty though, all games have one thing in common—they’re just plain fun! 

With the fun of games often comes smiling and laughter, though there are some games that bring out the glee and silliness in a special way. If you’re looking for a giggly time with friends and family, look no further than the lighthearted games below, sure to get you and even your most surly friends to show some teeth. 

Bring Foam to a Gun Fight

You’re facing off against a hardened criminal, gun carefully trained on him, ferocity in your eyes. You’ve been given a chance to stand down, but you have far too much pride, just like your target. Now, you’re left with only one choice. Pull the trigger!

*click* *click*

Hmm. Seems as though nobody's guns were loaded. Let's do it again!

Cash’n Guns is sure to bring about laughs as you and your comical comrades lie your way to the loot. As you begin to pick up on everyone’s distinct strategies, you’ll find yourself bluffing them right back. When you fail miserably though, there’s nothing to do but laugh at yourself! Everyone in the gun fight has to bring along a sense of confidence if they’re ever going to dive into the dough, and sharing these brief successes and failures is a great way to stop taking things too seriously and play chicken with friends and foam guns for an evening. 

Share a Silly Story

Creative storytelling games are a great source of entertainment for any group, because you can tailor the game to each player. You can try to take the game seriously, but when your best friend comes up with an unbelievable tale, you may be hard-pressed not to lose your cool. In Aye, Dark Overlord, every player has to come up with a story to get themselves out of hot water, and nobody is more incoherent than a Servant on the receiving end of the Dark Overlord’s withering look.

The Storyline series offers similar opportunities for silly stories, with a series of cards to guide your narrative in any number of nonsensical directions. Your job as the storyteller is to give each tale the flavor it needs to compete with the famous fairytales we know and love. And really, who doesn’t love the story of the wolf-taming piglet and her friend and ally, the sneaky cat?

Spot The Cheese

Spot It! is such a simple game, but it brings about so many emotions in the few minutes it takes to play. Putting you on edge with each and every card flip, the game ignites a jovial frustration from beginning to end. ‘Looking for a cheese wedge… where is the cheese wedge… can’t find a chee-CHEESEWEDGE’ is a common line of thought in the game, and the bursts of search and succeed are little thrills that fill you and your opponents with joy. The second you find the wedge at the same time as your neighbor at the table, your race to cheese will end in success for one, failure for the other, and a fit of giggles for everyone involved. 

Laugh Often

When your life's responsibilities get to be a bit too serious, there are many ways to knock some fun and joy back into it. Television series' are getting funnier every year, comedy clubs are full of talented jokesters, and the internet is chock-full of chuckle-worthy videos and articles. Bringing a hilarious game to the table is just another incredible option, that not only fills you with life and laughter, but gives you a chance to interact with others along the way. And not only is laughter the best medicine, but it's also the best icebreaker!