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Unsettling Atmosphere

Mysterious Music for a Mysterium Experience

24 October 2016 | Mysterium


As Halloween approaches and you pull out the spookier games in your collection, you may be thinking of ways to increase the ambience and theme of the event. Blinking yellow eyes in the window and carefully placed cobwebs may help turn your home into a spooktacular gaming space, and playing late at night certainly won't hurt, but there's even more that you can do to really accentuate the eerie aura of, say, the spine-tingling séance you experience during a playthrough of Mysterium.

When we dug into the details of hosting a game night earlier this year, we didn't have a particular game in mind—you can spice up just about any title with elements like a thematic treat, the right setting, or carefully curated lighting. When we decided to look into the elements of a specific game ourselves, though, Mysterium seemed the perfect first choice. With its many-sided mysteries and imaginative images, the theme of Mysterium runs deep, and with a haunting holiday around the corner, what could be better than an ambient soundtrack to accompany its secrets?

The Séance Begins

Mysterium puts an unexpected twist on the card interpretation that you often find in party games. One player sits across from the others as they cooperatively pursue a common goal: solve the murder at Warwick Manor. The ghost player represents the man-servant who lost his life many, many years ago. They will use a number of unclear visions to wordlessly communicate their recollection of the crime to the psychics opposite them. The visions may suggest a culprit, the object used to commit the murder, or the location where the event transpired, and the seers must attempt to interpret these visions in order to discern the facts of the case. The first expansion, Hidden Signs, was released earlier this year, and adds even more possibilities to the game.

The whimsical art on the cards is indeed playful, but often more dark than the cards you would find in a game like Dixit. These images contribute to the otherworldly feel of the game, bringing players to an unfamiliar place. Just as dreams connect us with nonsensical thoughts and ideas, these cards twist reality beyond recognition, and force players to find logic where there otherwise wouldn't be any. By adding elements such as candles, dim or inconsistent lighting, and an unsettling soundtrack, you can further transport the players in your game to an entirely new world. 

Immerse Yourself

We hope you will enjoy this hand-selected collection of eerie songs, which can pose as a chilling backdrop for any lighthearted but mysterious game. The enchanting melodies we chose are each made up of innocent sounds playing atop moody bass-lines and grandiose orchestral layers, keeping your game night light while still bearing a sense of the supernatural. With these absorbing songs at your back, you will feel that every choice made in Mysterium will ripple through the spirit world to impact beings and realms much larger than you, and much larger than the game itself. 

Another way to dive deeper into Mysterium is to gather your friends at your local game store for an Asmoplay event. With promotional vision cards, glittering intuition tokens, and uniquely designed ghost masks, you can add special items to your collection of Mysterium gear, and further lose yourself in the ghostly world of interpretation and wonder. Mysterium events will take place at game stores nationwide over the coming months. Check with yours today to see if they are participating, and keep your eyes open for the Hidden Signs expansion, reprinted and returning to store shelves early next month.