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The Nile Provides

A Look at the New Science, Production, and Maritime Decks in Deus Egypt

19 October 2016 | Deus Egypt


The land of ancient Egypt was at once both bountiful and harsh, with the rich Nile river basin providing nourishment in a land comprised of so many dunes and so much dust. The people of this otherwise arid region closely studied the river’s recurring flood patterns, and built a bustling city that leveraged the bounty the gods provided.

In Deus Egypt, the first expansion for the popular Deus, the Nile’s presence offers players opportunities to stockpile a surplus of goods, build a fleet of ships to sway the supply and demand, and create centers of study to further your ability to utilize the region’s riches to the fullest. These new opportunities take the form of a variety of one-time effects that activate only the very first time you play one of these new cards. While keeping a close watch on the long term viability of each building is still strategically sound, making the most of these single events can sway the tide of your entire empire.

Might of the Mind

Building a stable civilization requires an eye to the future and keen and careful planning as you select which edifices will prove to be the best investments for the future of your civilization. Industrious leaders looking to engage these unique opportunities will notice that the pursuit of Science will yield some of the most powerful one-time effects in the game. This new Science deck gives you an opportunity to gain cards, leverage your established resources, and gain the means to do more building with game-changing boosts.

Just how powerful can these effects become? Well, savvy players will soon look to chain a card’s effects to maximize these abilities and use the power of Science to the fullest. One-time effects can be used before or after a card’s normal effect, so keep in mind the best timing to use these new abilities to your advantage. For example, building a House of Life will grant you two gold for each building you have on the board. Immediately after this boost, you can then cash all this in to maximize your hand for just one gold apiece.

Perhaps you’d rather construct a new wing for the Royal Archives and activate the ability of another building in your tableau. The Royal Archives grant you 2 Victory Points for each type of a particular building in your tableau, so a clever leader might use this advantage to tap into an existing card to build bigger and score more Victory Points in a single, brilliant stroke.

Many times the gods may foil your carefully crafted plans, but the Library can get ahead of this, by allowing you to exchange any wooden buildings of one type for Victory Points, quickly turning folly into favor. Incredibly powerful, Science cards can be the key to turning a bad tide around, but it will take the careful timing of their one-time abilities to truly be a master of Science.

The Business of Barques

Among the most notable achievements of the ingenious people of ancient Egypt was the development of stable agriculture in an otherwise harsh environment. This bountiful civilization found many ways to leverage the waters of the Nile to help feed a bustling ancient metropolis.

This is mirrored in Deus Egypt by emphasizing how careful management of the resources at hand will provide players a huge advantage over their rivals. As in the original game of Deus, working to produce resources has a great deal to do with how well you build up a region under your control. Expanding into Egypt has added a number of new elements to consider when providing for your nation. River barques were used to transport massive quantities of food and goods up and down the Nile, turning it into a huge, aqueous highway. The Production deck in Deus Egypt grants players access to these barques to help manage and manipulate their inventory.

Production cards have one-time effects that grant players barques with varying amounts of space for goods. When using the Deus Egypt expansion, these barques are the only way to store your resources. Any extra stock you have will go to waste if you can’t find room in your floating storehouses. Depending on how well you’ve organized your stock, an empty barque can become a windfall if you play an Intensive Production card.

The river’s mobility also allows for a more flexible use the region’s riches by outsourcing to your strongholds’ surrounding areas. When the Outsourced Production card is placed, a production building can produce resources from any adjacent region. If you’ve placed four buildings in a field, but really need to stock up on clay, outsource your production to your neighbors and grab four of the sturdy red bricks for your very own. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be in control of these nearby regions to import goods. In fact, feel free to harvest wood or mine stone right out from under your opponent’s nose! A clever combination of barques and building will allow you to construct your empire without having to set down roots all over the map.

Manipulate the Market

With so much, literally, riding on the Nile, a powerful naval presence is a must-have for any would-be world leader. Control the river, and you control the flow of commerce in the region. The Maritime deck in Deus Egypt introduces the Market tile. In the original Deus, the Maritime deck often allowed a player a boost to their own individual points or profits. The inclusion of the Market tile now expands this effect to all players! “A rising tide lifts all boats,” as they say!

The Nile’s waters provide players with the opportunity to sink or swim according to who best plays the Market. Trade is a key element of managing any kingdom, and the one-time effects of the Maritime deck allow you to increase, decrease, or swap the value of a resource to better leverage the goods at your disposal.

If you find yourself flush with extra wheat, bring a Papyrus Barque into play to inflate its value, then sell your goods at a premium! Undo your opponent’s advantage with the Souk, lowering the value of their biggest investments and allowing you to fill your barques with goods at half price in one deft move. Perhaps you’ve found yourself spread a bit thin by having over-diversified your portfolio of goods. Hail a Merchant Ship and rid yourself of one of each resource for a big boost to your victory points. The Market tile and new Maritime cards add a whole new dynamic to the way the game of Deus can be played.

The land of Egypt brings many new ways to build a lasting empire and outmaneuver your opponents with the power of man’s ingenuity, a chance to truly leverage the land, and a bustling market open for business. Use each of the new Deus Egypt decks individually, or use them all at once to turn the game on its head. Stay tuned for our next preview where we’ll have a look at the expansion’s Civil, Military, and Temple decks, and look for a copy of Deus Egypt at your local retailer soon!