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Explore the Mini-Games of Spot It!

22 January 2016 | Spot It!


Experience the award-winning game of observational skills and lightning-fast reflexes: Spot It!. This party game, suitable for children and adults alike, offers nearly endless variety with dozens of cards, endless game versions, and multiple mini-games in every set. Spot It! is based on a simple game mechanic—a deck of circular cards, each of which shares exactly one symbol with any other card in the deck. No matter which version you’re playing, you’ll need to quickly find the matching symbol between cards if you’re going to win the game!

Today, we’ll catch a glimpse of some of the variety in every game of Spot It! by exploring two of the mini-games you can play with it.

Changing the Game

As we’ve mentioned before, the Spot It! base set offers five distinct mini-games, and each offers its own unique twists that make it a new and enjoyable experience. You can even play more than one mini-game in a row, changing the rules of the game after each round or even putting together a Spot It! tournament! 

You may choose to start by playing The Well mini-game. In this version, one card is placed faceup in the center of the table, and the other cards are divided evenly between the players. At the same time, all players reveal the top cards of their stacks and begin looking for the common symbol between their card and the center card. As soon as you find the matching symbol, you can call out the symbol’s name and place your card on top of the center card. If you get rid of all of your cards first, you win the mini-game.

Hot Potato is another mini-game included in the Spot It! base set. To play Hot Potato, one card is given facedown to each player, which you will hold flat in the center of your palm. When all players are ready, the cards are revealed, and you begin looking for the matching symbol between your card and any of your opponents’ cards. If you find it, you can call out the symbol and place your card on top of theirs! The last player stuck with cards in hand loses the round and takes all of the cards. Whoever has the least cards at the end of five rounds wins the game.

How Will You Play?

With so many versions, mini-games, and cards to choose from, Spot It! offers a wealth of options. Pick up your copies of Spot It! at your local retailer today!