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Horses and Stagecoach

Take a Leap with an Expansion for Colt Express

7 December 2015 | Colt Express



You’ve already stalked up and down the racing steam train, pistols drawn, searching for a bag of coins or anything else to make your heist worthwhile. You’ve traded shots with your former comrades as you leapt from train car to train car. You’ve even called the Marshal’s attention to your opponents, watching him shoot them down as you dodged away to greater riches. Now, it’s time for you to take your criminal enterprise off the train with the Horses and Stagecoach expansion for Colt Express.

New Loot for the Stealin’

As you carry out your robbery of the Colt Express, this expansion adds a new level to the playing field. Now, the bandits are invited to ride alongside the train and leap aboard at the beginning of the game or even jump back to their horses to quickly travel up and down the train with the new Ride Acton card.

A stagecoach riding next to the train is full of money and hostages to be taken—but a shotgun-wielding driver can make life difficult for any bandit that crosses his path. If you do manage to get inside, you can take the passengers with you as hostages! These passengers are worth plenty of money when you ransom them at the end of the game, but as long as you’re holding onto them, they can make life very difficult for you.

What’s more, you can even take advantage of bottles of whiskey scattered throughout the train compartments to draw and play more cards in a single turn! A host of new Round cards also arrives to give Colt Express greater replayability and ensure that no two games will ever play out the same way.

Swing Aboard

Will you ride your horse up the train to slip past the Marshal? Will you leap aboard the stagecoach to take hostages? Or perhaps you think another glass of whiskey will help you grab more loot? The opportunities are endless with the Horses and Stagecoach expansion for Colt Express. Pick up your copy at your local retailer today!