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Command the Forces of Magic with the Expansions for Seasons

30 December 2015 | Seasons


In the realm of Xidit, magic is a way of life. It flows through everything, exists in every element. Those who can master this elemental magic are renowned as sorcerers, but only the greatest have a chance to become the Archmage of Xidit. Seasons is a board game for two to four players that challenges you to master the changing seasons and use your magic to attain prestige over a three-year tournament. Seasons offers massive replayability with dozens of possible Power cards and spell combinations, but if you want even more options, look no further than the expansions.

New Realms of Magic

Two unique expansions add even more magic and cunning combos to your games of Seasons. The first expansion, Enchanted Kingdom, offers forty more Power cards to add to your deck, opening countless new ways to get the prestige you need to win the tournament. In addition, you’ll find new Enchantment cards that alter the rules of the game before you begin and special abilities for each mage to increase your available options and ensure that every game feels different. 

Path of Destiny is the second Seasons expansion, and it follows up the first expansion with even more Power cards, Enchantments, and special abilities for your mages to harness. What’s more, this expansion introduces the Die of Destiny, which can grant energy of any type and a valuable new currency—destiny points. Mastering the Die of Destiny may just give you the edge you need to become the next Archmage of Xidit!

A New Year Begins

Magic is all around you, in everything you see. As a sorcerer, you just need to reach out to tap into this elemental energy. Add new facets to your games of Seasons with these two expansions. Pick up your copies at your local retailer today!