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Saving a Ghost

A Closer Look at the Clairvoyancy Track in Mysterium

22 October 2015 | Mysterium


A terrible murder has gone unsolved for the last three decades! It was originally written off as an unfortunate accident, but you have reason to believe that foul play was at work. While the physical trail has long gone cold, the ghost of the murdered servant still lingers, desperate for someone to solve his murder and allow him to rest.

In Mysterium, you and the other players take on the roles of psychics investigating a murder. Each turn, you receive visions from the ghost to help you pinpoint the character responsible, the murder weapon, and the scene of the crime. You aren’t just interpreting your own visions, however—you’ll also examine the visions granted to other players.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the clairvoyancy track for Mysterium.

Are You Clairvoyant?

As a psychic, you must interpret the vision cards you receive, but your clairvoyance may also lead you to offer interpretations of other players’ visions as well. When another psychic places an intuition token on the card that he or she believes to correspond to his or her visions, you may declare whether or not you believe your fellow psychic is correct by placing your clairvoyancy token next to the intuition token. For instance, if you place a clairvoyancy token showing a “check,” and the ghost informs the group that the targeted psychic had a correct intuition, you move forward one space along the clairvoyancy track. Similarly, if you believe another psychic is incorrect, you may place a clairvoyancy token showing an “X;” if the targeted psychic’s intuition was incorrect, you advance one space along the clairvoyancy track!

The clairvoyancy track determines how many visions each psychic receives in the final stage of the game.

It’s in all of the psychics’ best interests for everyone to advance as far along the clairvoyancy track as possible, because in the game’s final stage, your position on this track determines how much information you receive before you must guess the identity of the true culprit. If you’ve reached the fifth space on the track, you can receive two vision cards before placing your final guess, and if you’ve attained the seventh space, you’ll be able to see all three vision cards—the maximum possible amount of information! Obviously, the more advanced your group of psychics is, the better chances you have of pinpointing the true murderer. 

Eternal Rest

A tormented spirit is in need of the unique services that you and your fellow psychics offer. Use your natural clairvoyancy to uncover the truth in Mysterium! Pick up your copy at your local retailer today.