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A Thousand Words

Expand Your Games of Dixit

13 October 2015 | Dixit


For countless players around the world, Dixit has provided the perfect opportunity to tap into their imagination. The elegant rules and easy gameplay have made this board game a favorite for families and groups of friends alike. Now, if you’ve moved beyond the countless avenues for your imagination available in the Dixit base set, you can look into the variety of expansions for Dixit.

Infinite Variety

There are five distinct expansions that can add new depth to your games, and each one of these expansions introduces eighty-four new images to the game. You may venture into blissful reveries or mysterious nightmares with Dixit: Daydreams or reach back to the beginning of time, symbols, and storytelling with Dixit: Origins. Dixit: Memories invites you to share your brightest, most cherished memories at the gaming table or explore darker, hidden scenes. Finally, Dixit: Quest and Dixit: Odyssey offer dozens of new cards to increase your enjoyment and your game experience!

As the saying goes, a single picture is worth a thousand words. With so many cards in play, the number of words Dixit can inspire is truly infinite. What stories, memories, or dreams will you convey? Pick up your expansions for Dixit at your local retailer today.