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Cities of Splendor

Splendor is required to enjoy this expansion.
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None – 30 minutes 2 – 4 players Ages 10+

For years, you’ve reveled in the diamond-hard puzzles of Splendor, one of the most award-winning board games of all time. Now, Space Cowboys is proud to present a new expansion: Cities of Splendor. In Cities of Splendor, you’ll leave the comforting familiarity of the European gem trade and travel to the Orient, where new rules and cards invite you to adapt your strategies. With four expansions in a single box, Cities of Splendor offers you four thrilling new ways to experience the game, opening the door to new levels of replayability without sacrificing any of the original game’s unique elegance.

  • 1 First Player Tile
  • 7 City Tiles
  • 1 Board
  • 20 Coats of Arms
  • 30 Orient Cards
  • 12 Plastic Strongholds
  • Rules
Technical Data


Country of Origin China

Dimensions 10.88 x 1.62 x 8.50 in.

Case Quantity 6

Weight 1.30 lbs.