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Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom

Seasons is required to enjoy this expansion.
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1+ hours 2 – 4 players Ages 14+

You've already competed in the three-year tournament to determine the new Archmage of Xidit in Seasons. Now, Enchanted Kingdom—the first expansion pack for Seasons—introduces forty new Power cards to join the dozens of Power cards included in the base game. Ten Enchantment cards change the rules to make every game a unique experience, and twelve Special Ability tokens that add a personal touch to your sorcerer. Enchanted Kingdom promises to make every game of Seasons a completely unique and unforgettable expereince.

  • Rules
  • 50 cards
  • 38 tokens
  • Two energy reserve expansion tiles
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Country of Origin China

Dimensions 5.62 x 1.56 x 1.56 in.

Weight 0.85 lbs.

Case Quantity 6

Dimensions 12.25 x 11.62 x 6.07 in.

Weight 5.92 lbs.