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Deus Egypt

Deus is required to enjoy this expansion.
– 1 hours 2 – 4 players Ages 12+

Deus Egypt is the first expansion for Deus, a strategic game of building civilizations and appealing to powerful deities. Expand the reach of your influence in an exciting new land and lead your people to greatness among the windswept dunes and fertile Nile basin of ancient Egypt. This expansion allows you to replace every card in the game with new decks, or mix and match with the original decks for incredible replayability. The decks’ additional mechanics can expand the reach of your military might, send your scribes to new settlements, or use your navy to affect the cost of goods for both you and your opponent. With these additions and more, Deus Egypt adds even more options to your games of powerful empire building in an ancient world! 

  • 96 building cards
  • 1 market card
  • 24 warehouse tiles
  • 20 combat tokens
  • 4 Last Civil Building tokens
Technical Data


Country of Origin Germany

Dimensions 1.54 x 5.79 x 11.61 in.

Weight 1.01 lbs.

Case Quantity 6

Dimensions 6.73 x 10.70 x 12.32 in.