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Aye, Dark Overlord! Is Available Now!

2 February 2017 | Aye, Dark Overlord!


Ready your excuses, minions, for your master is greatly displeased at your most recent failure in the fight against good. Aye, Dark Overlord! is available now at your local retailer!

The excuse-slinging, back-stabbing, social card game of passing the buck is now available to add to your collection! Originally produced by Fantasy Flight Games, this re-issue and revitalization of the hilarious Aye, Dark Overlord! is available in two different versions: The Red Box faithfully recreates the original 2005 version while The Green Box offers a unique standalone experience with creative and clever new mechanics that can be paired with the original version for a game with endless variety.

A game of Aye, Dark Overlord! puts players on the hotseat, casting them as groveling minions trying to tell another player, the Overlord, exactly why his latest plan to squash the good out of the world has once again failed miserably. Utilizing a hand of cards that provide helpful hints and cues, the minions each come up with a creative excuse, constantly trying to trip others up and pass the buck in an attempt to not take the blame for the latest screw up. Those that do receive a Withering Look card from the Dark Overlord—the first player to receive three Withering Looks has angered the Dark Overlord enough to incur his mighty wrath, ending the game. However, as it always is with evil, it's not long until a new Dark Overlord is found and her plans are put into motion…

Avoid Scrutiny

To aid these pathetic minions in their efforts to not be crushed beneath an Overlord’s fury are a wide array of Action cards that allow for a brief moment of respite in your mad dash to come up with an excuse. Among these include “Pass the Buck,” which forces another player to start their turn immediately and allows you to escape any incoming Withering Looks. “Freeze” lets a Servant interrupt another player’s story with a Hint card. “Back of the Line” switches your hand with another Servant’s to catch them completely off-guard, ruining whatever excuse they had planned. And “No Way!” forces another Servant to discard their hand and draw only one Action Card. And that’s just the beginning of the fun to be had with Aye, Dark Overlord!

So steel your nerves and prepare your excuses, evil has been foiled again and the Dark Overlord’s patience in wearing thin! Aye, Dark Overlord! is available at your local retailer today!